Carrom Pool MOD APK v15.2.0 (Unlimited Gems/ Aim Hack)

Requirements Android 5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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You’ve arrived in the correct place if you are looking for Carrom Pool Mod APK. Today, we’ll show you how to get infinite coins and jewels in Carrom Pool APK. Finally, you have found a stunning and easy game available for free download. Miniclip created and published this game, Carrom Pool Mod. You can find the game on various platforms, including iOS, mac, Android, Windows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone 8. Carrom Pool was published on November 12, 2018. It is an entertaining multiplayer board game.

This is a well-known game on the Google Play Store. This game has almost 100 million users after only two years. If you search Play Store for solely board games, Carrom Pool comes in second. So, based on the description, we can conclude that this game is viral among gamers.

Simple Interface and Easy Gameplay

In today’s digital era, Pool games are prevalent in the consumer electronics market. They’re easy to play and provide hours of entertainment for lovers of the game. However, since new pool games are released every day, gamers will become bored. Carrom Pool Mod APK download is a simple multiplayer board game. If you lie to play Carrom, you will enjoy playing this game.

It is already mentioned that this game has over 10 million users on the Google Play store, and this game has won the hearts of players worldwide. Do you think you’ve got the skills to compete at the top? Keep reading to learn everything you need to learn about this fantastic desktop game. For the users who already know about the gameplay of this game, it will be a pleasure. You can also enjoy the gameplay of an amazing game 8 Ball Pool Mod APK.

Carrom Pool Easy interface

However, there must need some discussion for people looking for a new tabletop game. You don’t have to worry about that because Carrom disc Pool Mod APK is a simple game to pick up. You will find this game similar to Billiards in many ways. To achieve the strategy, Carrom is comparable to billiards.

In this scenario, you must use fireballs through the gaps, which are called discs. A Carrom tournament, unlike billiards, can have three to four players. You and your partner have a fair share of discs to shoot into one of the holes drilled. Because the table is square rather than a billiard, it is probably lower than a pool table. A player can also only fire the central disc in one table area.

Key Features of Carrom Pool MOD APK

  • Unlock several different attackers and pucks.
  • Earn extra success chests with fantastic prizes.
  • Boost your strikers and launch a barrage of attacks.
  • Compete against the best players to have more Fun.
  • Enjoy playing with two different modes: Classic Mode and Disc Pool Mode.
Carrom Pool Hack MOD APK
  • Have smooth controls and mechanics that are realistic.
  • You can play this game both in online and offline mode.
  • Play this multiplayer game online with your pals.
  • Play the free daily royal shot for a chance to win large rewards.

Necessary Rules for playing Carrom Pool Free Purchase

Being a Carrom player, I would like to add some necessary rules for the beginners to let them understand how to win. Of course, you are playing the game to just win it. For this purpose, keep in your mind that there is a queen. If any of the players has a queen, he will be winner. However, if none of you has queen than no one would be winner. Now the question arises, how will I get the queen? If you want to get the queen, the holes nee you puck, just throw them after throwing the queen.

Unlock all strikers as a Bonus Feature

In Carrom Pool Mod APK unlimited coins and gems download, you only need to shoot the discs in a different color or pattern from the others to stand out. They get the same score if you accidentally shoot the other striker’s discs into the slot. So, you must make your mark precise and strategic to hit the discs in the game.

The first player to get most of his discs into the ring wins. You can bet a certain amount of coins in this game and earn it all if you win the game. The bouts are substantially more exciting because you’re fighting against real people in real-time. Explore one of the most amazing sports game Golf Master 3D Mod APK.

You can only enjoy three types of gameplay in this game.

  • Disc Pool
  • Carrom
  • FreeStyle

Play Disc Pool

Once you have downloaded this game, the first gameplay choice you will have is Disc Pool. By tapping the Disc Pool option, you can select the challenge money. Several money competitions are available in the game, including 400, 1000, 5000, 10 000, 20 000, and 1 million dollars. You can enter play mode after completing the selected challenge. You can then obtain challenging money if you win this challenge. However, Red Puck is not available in this location.


Play Carrom

The second game mode in this game is Carrom. After touching the Carrom, you’ll be able to select the challenge money. Several money challenges are accessible here, including 400, 1000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 100, 500, and one million dollars, among others. Once you have completed the chosen challenge, you can enter the play mode.

If you win the game, the challenging money can only be given to you. However, Red Puck is again not available in this case. Therefore, you must also be Red Puck to win. Football Strike Online Soccer Mod APK is an amazing fun game to play.

Play Free Style or in Practice Mode

This game mode is completely unlike disc Pool and Carrom. After selecting Freestyle, you will be able to select the challenge money. The issues are the same as they are everywhere else. You can enter play mode after completing the designated challenge. You can then obtain demanding money if you win this quest. Scores on pucks are used in the game, 50 Red Pucks, 20 White Pucks, and 10 Black Pucks. You can accomplish this task if you collect all 120 points.

Multiplayer Game

It’s always enjoyable to play games with friends and family. You can play Carrom Pool APK Mod with your buddies in the Carrom pool. This game can be played by up to four people at once, similar to a real-life Carrom game. Challenge and fight with your pals to get more money. If you are a basketball lover, don’t miss to play NBA Live Mobile Basketball Mod APK.

Carrom Pool MOD APK Unlimited Coins

Indefinite Gems

In Carrom Pool board game Mod APK, gems are pretty valuable. By having unlimited gems, you will be able to unlock new features. However, the topic of how to gain additional diamonds in the game emerges. The short explanation is that the more rounds you win, the more cards you earn. You will waste some of your jewels if you lose a game.

But take a pause! Why would you ever want to lose a game? We have a Mod for it that has limitless Coins and Gems. So get this modded version of the game from our site and win this amazing sports game you play.

Advertisements Removed

A game that includes the feature of having no ads makes it more popular among its users. We’ve just eliminated all ads from this game, which is fantastic news for Carrom fans. You can now watch it without any advertisements. Pop-up advertisements will no longer bother you.

All chests are Unlocked

You will get all chests are fully unlocked in the Carrom Pool Mod APK Hack, including;

  • Bronze Chest from the Paris Stage
  • PRO Chest
  • Supreme Chest
  • Delhi Lounge Chest in Bronze
  • Master Chest

Purchase Item from Stores

The Store Section will appear on the right of the screen when you first start the game. You’ll find gems, Master Chests, Supreme Chests, Pro Chests, and more here. However, you will have to pay thousands of dollars to obtain these products. But hold! You can download the mod version of the game to unlock all of these goodies.

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What’s New!

  • New Mini-Games have been added.
  • 5.4.4 Events have been updated. The lobby is now available.
  • Win fantastic things for no cost.
  • Controls are more fluid than before.
  • New Carrom Pass Perk facilitates you by having voice nd video chat with your loved ones and other players.
  • All lags have been removed in the latest version.
  • Get free upgraded pucks and strikers.

Final Words

If you enjoy playing Carrom but do not have any pals with whom to play it, you should try playing it online with your friends. With the simple and attractive gameplay, you will become obsessed with this game after playing once, and you will feel forced to play it again. If you learned the information about this game, share the link with your pals on social media. Drop a comment down if you have any issues downloading or installing this Carrom Pool Mod APK. We will address your issue as soon as possible.

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