Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter Book 1 (Free Read)

CategoryYoung Adult
Rating 4.6
AuthorKel Carpenter
Updated2 days ago

The story of Heir of Shadows by Kel Carpenter revolves around the existence of three sisters. The best-ever dialogue of the story which I really loved is “Keep your existence silent”. The publication date for the book is 08 November 2016. The story is wholly about magic, a world of mysteries and thrill. Although the book is for all ages older teens and adults will surely love to read it. The series is awesome and the readers will not stop reading it due to the huge suspense by all the characters involved in the book. You may also give a read to 10 Principles to love Yourself.

Central Theme of Heir of Shadows

The story starts with the dialogue of one of the triplet sisters who says the only rule to exist in the world is to keep your existence secret. The girl says that she knew there would be repercussions the day her sister disobeyed that law one too several times. She thinks that they will be taken to one of the institutions for “Troubled Children” and the Daizlei Academy is one of them.

But in truth, it is considerably more intricate than that. In the world of mystery, she believes that everyone has forgotten and ignored them. The Daizlei Academy is all about supernatural forces and is full of thrills. The second rule by the author is “Not to trust anyone” when the triplets arrived at the academy. More suspense thriller stories include Just me (A Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller – Book 1).

Final Words

There is a ton of wonderful magic. It still falls under the mysterious school concept, but on a deeper and darker scale than works similar to Harry Potter. Just click on the download button to have “Heir of Shadows” and enjoy the book if you love deeply developed characters.

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