Knife Hit MOD APK v1.8.20 (Unlimited Apples) Latest 2024

MOD FeaturesFree Shopping
Buy freely even without having any coins!
RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up
Updated2 Days Ago

Are you looking for a fun mobile game that has simple gameplay? Do you want to play a game that is not complicated and that makes you addicted to specific games’ challenging experiences? If that’s the scenario, get ready for some new and exciting knife-throwing tasks in this game. That being said, Ketchapp’s recent arcade game, Knife Hit Mod APK, continues the quest to build the finest leisure mobile games. Here, players will discover and enjoy the strangely rewarding gameplay of knife tossing.

Knife Hit Mod APK is a challenging game for your fingers to master. It is a deadly art with extremely picky competitors. Men who pitch their knives precisely on panels, fruits, or even a girl fastened to the wall are frequently seen on television. Doesn’t it appear to be cool? However, it is pretty challenging to throw a knife at the target. This game demands a lot of effort, precise precision, and a little bit of risk.

However, it will be less complicated if you can fill your time on your smartphone. Knife Hit, published by Ketchapp, delivered this art to the player. Gamers have long loved Ketchapp’s games because of their unlimited pleasure and captivating gameplay. It is undoubtedly an exemption.

Gameplay of Knife Hit MOD APK

Come to knife Hit Mod APK’s latest version to learn how to control the sword like the skilled ninja. All you should do is hit a knife in this game. Yes, you must toss knives on the game’s many boards. It may appear simple, but the gameplay presents numerous obstacles that make hitting the target challenging. Keep rotation turning left, right, fast, and slow to make things more challenging. The game will terminate instantly if you accidentally smack your knife onto a recently fixed knife.

knife hit mod apk all knives unlocked

The game rules are straightforward to learn; even a youngster can play skillfully in 10p. You simply have to toss away all of your knives. When you tie them to a plank, it will collapse, and you will win. The wood, however, does not stay stationary for you to fling at it; instead, it rotates at an unpredictable rate, making perfect throwing impossible. As a result, the game necessitates a very fluid blend of hand experience and thought. You will lose in a split second. They will be regarded as losers if you hit the knives or hooks that have been pinned or those you have just pinned. You can also enjoy the gameplay of Train Conductor World Mod APK.

Features of Knife Hit MOD APK

To understand the game to the extent, it’s better to have a look at its exciting features.

Advanced Features

I would like to explain the advanced features of Knife Hit Mod APK unlimited knife for those unfamiliar with this app. There are some extra features in every APK file and some other unlocked things in the game. Suppose you want to unlock those things and use the extra features you have to earn points. But you will have to pay a lot to get enough. And while everyone does not have any additional playtime, they simply do so to keep busy; if you’re one of them, don’t worry.

Unlimited Apples

Knife Hit Mod APK unlimited apples include an unlimited number of apples, allowing you to purchase any skins. As a consequence, you have absolute ownership over everything. Enjoy the amazing features of Temple Run Mod APK.

Unlimited Everything

Everything has been unlocked in the Mod version of Knife Hit APK. It features knife designs, authority, levels, etc.

No Advertisements

We suggest using the Mod version of our site because there are no advertisements. While utilizing the original version, you may encounter various issues, which is a very negative thing. However, its Mod version never displays advertisements, allowing you to enjoy games without interruption.

Play a wide range of levels with Fantastic Gameplay

Knife Hit APK Mod has many levels to choose from, each with its unique gameplay and in-game adventures that many of you will like. Take on the standard spinning timbers with little safety and modest speeds. You can also fight the evil bosses with completely shielded armors that are exceedingly difficult to break. Instead, you might be interested in the beautiful bonus rewards with tasty apples and simple logs. This game has numerous various levels of difficulty for each of its challenges and multiple in-game levels with diverse gameplay. I will also recommend you to play Subway Surfer Mod APK.

Enjoy Competing in the game all around the World

To add to the excitement, Android gamers in Knife Hit Mod APK VIP unlocked will be pitted against elite players worldwide as you battle for the top spots on the global leaderboards. However, you can also link your social media accounts to the game and invite your friends playing this game. Your game level would become more enjoyable when you compete against each other. You will also earn fame and glory by beating all your friends. Also, there will always be extra prizes for those who are outstanding game victors.

knife hit mod menu apk

Be Active to Earn your Daily Incentives

Furthermore, active Knife Hit players can delight themselves with the game’s daily incentives. To get your exclusive goodies, all you have to do is join the game every day. You’ll enjoy your most excellent bonuses at the end of the month if you accumulate awards. Enjoy the amazing action platform with rhythm by downloading Geometry Dash World Mod APK.

Unlock all knives

You can unlock hundreds of full-color and stylish knives in the game by collecting enough apples. The knife hit armament will undoubtedly win you over as a knife collector. Knives are unlocked. I’m restrained when playing Knife Hit Mod APK Hack because I’m afraid of losing. Knife Hit APK’s appeal is that it makes you want to play it again and again.


Graphics of any game make it more interesting for the user interaction. The game may not be worth mentioning in terms of visuals because Ketchapp games are known for their unique gameplay and rapid gameplay, which attracts players. Knife Hit Mod APK’s free download effects are exact, giving players the impression that they are throwing knives in real life. It looks exciting, especially when you smash the board.


Knife Hit Mod, all unlocked, delivers thrilling audio sensations with basic yet realistic and straightforward soundtracks and great images. That is to say, with restricted sound effects and calming soundtracks. Instead of being distracted by distracting music, you may immerse yourself in the game. If feasible, you can also listen to your favorite music while playing the levels. If you are an arcade game lover and loves cooking then you can have fun with Cooking Master Mod APK.

Simple and Intuitive Gameplay

The primary and accessible features of Knife Hit God Mod APK make it familiar to android users immediately. You only have to activate your Knife in the game is tap the screen. Your click should be timed so that the Knife can hit the rotating logs without being deflected. Get right into the game, and you will blast as you progress. However, you must not consider the game so simple because mastering any game will take time. Not to address the fact that you’ll be up against some of the best players in the world.



The unique methodology of this game is tough to overlook. After every four games, there will appear a boss. Instead of wooden beams, your objective is to collect unusual goods like a ruler, a cupcake, or even a cheese dish.

Knife Hit Boss Fight

The regular stages are not too difficult as these exceptional stages require extreme caution in each shot. On the other hand, winning these games will reward you with a high level of proficiency and apples.

How do I get Knife Hit MOD APK?

To download and install the game, simply follow this simple guide.

  1. To begin with, click on the download icon to get the modded version of this game.
  2. After downloading, access the APK file in your file manager.
  3. You must now permit installation from an unknown source.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete before tapping the install button.
  5. This Mod version is available with all knife skins for your enjoyment and an ad-free UI.
  6. It is free to play; invite your friends and family to access it.


Knife Hit Mod APK needs you to have adequate accuracy, focus, and talent, despite the game’s monotony. The game is simple to understand, yet Ketchapp never fails to amaze the player. Knife Hit is your next favorite mobile game for people who enjoy Smash Hit and its immediate yet entertaining action. Only the most dubious gamers will be satisfied by mobile arcade games‘ entertaining and engaging gameplay, mainly when the app is also free and unlocked.

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