Matchington Mansion MOD APK v1.152.0 (Unlimited Stars)

MOD FeaturesUnlimited Coins
DeveloperMagic Tavern, Inc.
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
Updated2 days ago

Do you love to play with challenges? If yes, you have found the best puzzle game, Matchington Mansion Mod APK. It is a challenging mobile game with a variety of options. You have the responsibility of logically arranging anything in the Matchington Mansion. You, as a player, will find a slew of other hidden areas, and each one is a must-see. If you face any water leakage, electric leakage, fire, or explosion, you must hunt for tools to remedy it.

Matchington Mansion Mod APK’s latest version always places the players in a situation where they must solve a problem. There needs a lot of mental effort to play this game as it is a difficult task to perform. This is a fun match-three game for smartphones.

Your task is to rearrange the items in the mansion that are in the wrong location. Fruits, refrigerators, cuddly toys, furniture, and other household things should be mixed. You have to visit every room in the house, including bedrooms, kitchen, and garden. Cleaning a room, there will open many new spaces for you. You might also visit your neighbors to check how their homes are decorated. By matching more than three things, you can get a high score, but you have to use combos for that purpose. The advantage of using combos is that it makes bombs, earns additional points for you, and aids in competing in the mansion earlier. Another amazing game Best Friends Puzzle and Match Mod APK.

matchington mansion mod apk latest version

Critical Features of Matchington Mansion MOD APK

  • Stack out your garden and embellish your palace in style.
  • Beautify your magnificent mansion by mixing and matching pillows.
  • Uncover hidden regions and decorate each room with a unique design.
  • Fantastic boosters and power-up combos!
  • With the help of your companion Tiffany and other odd people, piece together the adventure plot.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to play with a house white cat or a pet dog along for the adventure!
  • All premium features are unlocked, and all levels have unlimited money.
  • Everything is free to shop for.

Restore the Mansion’s Original Glory

The story of Matchington Mansion Mod APK unlimited stars begins with the appearance of a mysterious storyteller. She bequeathed a mansion to the protagonist, which was quite ancient but still robust and cozy. There are numerous secret destinations to be found on bonus rewards. Your closest companions will be a servant of the mansion and a white cat. Amaze yourself with the extraordinary gameplay of Energy: Anti Stress Loops Mod APK.

matchington mansion apk

It is your choice to choose the name of the user hero. Tiffany, a designer who promised to help you renovate your house, is one of the protagonist’s aides. You encounter the antagonist very immediately — Rex, the proprietor of the casino company, who has claimed the estate, or instead, the land beneath it.


The APK Matchington Mansion Mod game comes with pretty love music and sounds. Voices are dubbed in several scenes. Furthermore, the music is both sad and uplifting. As a result, your soul is instantly comforted when playing worldwide. While solving the puzzles, you will enjoy more music. Over the simple mansion theme, the tune is just as pleasant but with a more cheerful tone. Each matching problem will feel more intense and exhilarating when accompanied by this soundtrack.

Solving Interesting Puzzles

Matchington Mansion Match 3 Mod APK has gathered all of the best components from this genre, including gorgeous bright elements, effective boosters, and cool combos. You will face a field in front of you with several features. You have to move them so that three or more things are collected in a row. As the parts are connected, they will vanish, and new ones will come from above. Successful combos reward you with various benefits that help you get through the level faster.

Matching the right puzzles

As a result, you get a cracker if you make a string of four identical things. It can destroy anything in a vertical or horizontal line. In addition, if you build a grid of four elements, a tiny firework appears. You will undoubtedly find this game to be more interesting while solving these puzzles. Also enjoy the gameplay of Jewels Match King Mod APK.

Use Explosive Cannons

In Matchington Mansion APK mod booster, things are mutable and entertaining. Arrange the icons in the correct order to reveal booster goods. It’s a multicolored cannon that can clear cells in vertical or horizontal rows. Cluster cannon is a type of cannon that detonates a group of cells all at once. 

Alternatively, you can also use the seven-color ball to delete all of your selected symbols. It’s worth noting that mixing these boosters will result in frightening explosions. It will occasionally wipe and refresh all of your round’s tiles. You will not be able to complete the challenge if you cannot create these products at specific levels. You can, however, use your gold to purchase them early in the game.

Game Interface with Color and Joy

The game’s color and interface are likely to be the first things that catch the player’s attention. All of the photographs are beautiful and full of vibrant colors. The minute features of the room décor or gaming maps are meticulously created to give your building a rich impression. The use of thunderstorms, explosive explosions, and other elements throughout the puzzle section contribute to the game’s success. I will also recommend you to play another amazing game, Two Dots Mod APK.

Best way to play Matchington Mansion MOD APK Latest Version

It is a Firecraft Studio’s puzzle mobile game featuring a hose courtyard decorating as the theme and match-three action. You have to customize the interior design and trim using the three match-puzzle games, embark on a journey in the mansion, unlock strange areas, and discover the manor’s mysteries. Matchington Mansion now has more role-playing and mystery features. They’ve also included a slew of non-player characters with distinct characteristics. NPCs have developed different personalities thanks to side quests.

How to download Matchington Mansion MOD APK?

  • “Matchington Mansion Mod APK” is available for download.
  • You can now install the game without using the wifi or the internet.
  • Open the Installer and finish the installation.
  • Allow it to finish installing on your Android device.
  • Now you have to launch the mod apk file to access unlimited free resources.

Final Words

Matchington Mansion Mod APK is a fun puzzle game for mobile devices. By completing colorful match-three challenges, you’ll be able to develop and remodel your lovely mansion. You can also connect with your friends via Facebook to enjoy the stunning graphics and tools featured by the game. To get a more exciting and pleasant experience with the game, download Matchington Mansion free from our website. Design the mansion to your desire and celebrate with your pals!

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