7 Supreme Facts to Know for Video Star Use over Alight Motion

As a video editor, you may be confused by the precise Keyframe animation of Video Star and the advanced blending mode capabilities of Alight Motion. To make a comparison of the two editing apps, one has to check each feature. 

To those who cannot make a difference over these apps, I have explored all the key features and let you decide on the better app. Let us take a look over the nuances between both apps to eliminate all confusion and choose the best app.

What makes Video Star a better app than Alight Motion?

FeaturesVideo StarAlight Motion
Keyframe EditingExtremely Precise in providing a great visual demonstrationIt does not have extraordinary keyframe editing as Video Star.
Velocity EditsContains dedicated velocity toolsNo Velocity Tools
Automated Color Masking Section Included in Video Star but don’t have accuracyNo Automated or AI Features
Interface & User-FriendlinessThe interface is so friendly that you can open a new window, which reduces clutter.User Interface can be confused as compared to Video Star.
Export OptionsSave individual video clips and export videos up to 1080p and 60fps.Export a GIF or an image sequence using Alight Motion

7 Major Facts to Consider Video Star Better than Alight Motion

There are 7 major facts that a video editor should consider when deciding that Video Star is a better option than Alight Motion.

  1. User Interface & Intuitive Design

If you are a beginner, the Video Star app will be a perfect choice for you due to its user-friendly and intuitive design. On the other hand, Alight Motion is better for those who are advanced video editors. Being an advanced user, you can utilize a wide range of editing tools.

  1. Editing Capabilities and Renowned Features

Since Video Star is an editing app for beginners, it has all the features required for beginners. For instance, if you want to trim or add any effects to your projects, you can easily do it using Video Star.

For advanced users, Alight Motion has advanced features like Key Frame Animation, Vector Graphics, and others for visual appeal.

  1.  Advanced Tools with Editing Flexibility

To be honest, all the video editors will agree with the point of view that Alight Motion is a more empowering app when considering editing flexibility. You can make advanced video editing and access all the PRO features to make your videos more stunning.

  1. Device Limitation, Accessibility, and Compatibility

No matter what Android platform you prefer to use, Video Star is the best editing app for iOS and other Android platforms. On the contrary, Alight Motion limits its availability to Android Platforms and may not be compatible with some Android devices.

  1. Quick Edits and High-Quality Outcomes

If you want quick edits over your videos with a faster speed, the Video Star is the best option for you. However, Alight Motion has advanced editing tools and takes more time for better editing to provide high-quality results.

  1. Pricing and Cost to get the best Editing App

Both editing apps provide basic and premium tools. However, you will need to pay money if you are not using a MOD version. Alight Motion contains weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions that have a budget. It depends on the user who wants to access the premium features and can take the paid membership according to their budget.

  1. Find Assistance from the Vibrant Communities

If you don’t know how to use the different tools within both editing apps, you can post a question over the online forums and communities. People there will help you with what you ask and which subscription is best to take the premium in-app features.

Note: Check the ultimate guide to master Alight Motion XML Support.

Which app is more friendly for exporting and Sharing your Videos?

If you utilize Video Star then I would say that you will find it a more friendly app to export your videos in 1080p and 60fps.  There are no hurdles to sharing your creations via Video Star over different platforms. However, while working with the Alight Motion app, you must have to practice the app more as well as learn about it.

PROS and CONS of using Video Star over Alight Motion


1. You can fine-tune editing using Video Star with a powerful keyframe editor
2. The velocity tools assist you in controlling the speed of your video clips at different parts.
3. The user-friendly interface makes it a convenient choice for beginners.


1. To unlock all the features you have to buy its subscription plan.
2. Android users cannot use Video Star.
3. Splitting or trimming the videos isn’t possible in the Video Star editing tool.

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What Are People’s Concerns about Video Star and Alight Motion?

You can take 25 different styles in unique colors and can use the template by hitting the “Use Template” button.

Video Star has relatively low membership plans as compared to Alight Motion, however, you will lack the versatility in using it.

The advanced video editors will find Alight Motion, a robust app with premium editing tools to make your videos at an advanced level.

It depends on the basic editing tools that you want to utilize in your editing. You may find Alight Motion a better app while using the free version.

If you want to take the monthly subscription, you have to pay 4.99 dollars to access all the premium features.

A Closing Thought on Alight Motion vs. Video Star!

Without preferring individual needs and specifications over editing, Video Star Vs. Alight Motion will not be worth it. For those who prefer basic-level editing, Video Star will be the perfect editing app for them. However, I would say that Alight Motion is the most powerful app for providing advanced features to make robust editing. The choice is yours!

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