Download Alight Motion PRO+MOD APK v5.0.260.1002351 (Latest/Premium)

You can fuel creativity as a video editor if you have vast editing possibilities. Using a PRO app can convert you to a PRO video editor. This is the general task of the Alight Motion PRO App which offers premium features unlocked for mobile video editing. It is one of the best video editing apps for Android and you can download it from the button given below.

GenreVideo Player & Editor
RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up
DeveloperAlight Creative Inc
MOD FeaturesPaid Subscription Unlocked

About Alight Motion PRO – What Makes it Powerful?

Alight Motion PRO MOD APK is a powerful video editing app that has all premium features unlocked for video editing. The app is famous for making stunning animations and graphics due to its keyframe animations and video graphics. The PRO unlocked features of the app include no watermark over the videos or images you are going to edit.

Alight Motion MOD APK No Watermark has a lot of visual effects, blending modes, Luma Key, and others. You can use audio re-samplers to reduce the effects of lagging. Besides, new effects like Hexagon, Tile Rotate, and Hexagon Tile Shift will help you to make your videos more professional and engaging.

Create Motion Graphics with in-built Visual Effects

The best way to tell your stories in the form of videos is by Motion graphics. You can use the built-in visual effects available in the Alight Motion app including Hot Color, Exposure, and many more. These effects will help you to create your animations more wonderfully and control exposure in your edited videos.

Add Multiple Layers with the Blending Modes

The Alight Motion app has blending modes to add multiple layers by adjusting their shapes and sizes. You can avoid non-destructive editing by using these modes. You may alter the opacity of layers and use tons of unlocked presets to enhance realism in your videos.

Frame By Frame Video Animation

This feature is not available in other video editing apps, however, Alight Motion offers keyframe animation. You can add different elements to your videos and get absolute control over your animated videos. The custom elements within the app will help you edit one frame at a time and you can easily edit animations.

Multiple Fonts and Export Formats

There are 2000+ built-in fonts available in the app that you can use in text layers. These fonts will help you in adding text to your animations. Besides, the app offers multiple export formats including MP4, GIF, XML, PNG, and JPEG. You can easily use any of the formats to share your projects and files.

MOD Features for the Alight Motion PRO

Without getting an idea of the MOD features, you will not be able to use all the PRO-unlocked features of the app. Here is a list of all the MOD features, get them all, and tap the download button to use them in your editing projects.

  • All Premium Presets Unlocked
  • All Effects Unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • No Advertisements
  • Chroma Key
  • No Lagging
  • XML Support
  • Import any available fonts
  • All Premium Features Activated

Guide to Download and Install the PRO Version of Alight Motion

If you want to download and install the PRO version of Alight Motion, here is the simple guide given below;

  • Make sure you have uninstalled the official version of the app.
  • To download the latest PRO version, visit the settings of your smartphone, and activate the “Unknown Resources.”
  • The download button will appear at the top of the webpage; click it to begin your download. 
  • When the download is finished, browse the file or use the file manager. Click the install button after opening the file. 
  • You will be able to utilize all of the Alight Motion app’s additional features after the setup process is finished.

Note – If you want to use the app for PC, download Alight Motion MOD APK for PC, and get all the premium features.

What’s New!

  • Layer Up: Combine graphics, videos, and audio for complex, stunning edits.
  • Vector Power: Edit vector graphics directly on your phone for ultimate flexibility.
  • Effect Explosion: Over 160 building blocks to create mind-blowing visual effects.
  • Animate Anything: Keyframe animation for every setting – bring your ideas to life!
  • Advanced Puppetry: Link layers, rig characters, and create amazing animations.
  • Cinematic Control: Cameras with pan, zoom, focus blur, and fog for a pro look.
  • Masking Magic: Group layers and create masks for precise control.
  • Color Chameleon: Fine-tune colors to perfection.
  • Effortless Motion: Animation easing for smooth, natural movement.
  • Effortless Editing: Bookmark key moments for easy access.
  • Blur Like a Pro: Velocity-based motion blur for silky smooth videos.
  • Export Freedom: Choose from MP4, GIF, PNG sequences, or stills.
  • Share the Love: Share project packages to collaborate with ease.
  • Text Finesse: Add custom fonts for unique text overlays.
  • Style Stealer: Copy and paste styles or entire layers for a faster workflow.
  • Save Your Favorites: Save elements for effortless reuse in future projects.
  • Even More Effects: Raster Extrude, Star Polyhedron, Contour Strips – unleash your creativity!

You should expect a more seamless editing experience with bug fixes and speed enhancements!

PROS and CONS of using the Alight Motion MOD APK Latest Version

2500+ Free Fonts are unlocked Drainage of extra battery usage
No watermark would be available on the videosNew Updates for the MOD version are time-consuming
Remove the background with the Chroma Key FunctionTiles may not be fixed
Use Key Frame Animations to edit frame-by-frameEditing disrupts due to bugs and crashes
Clean and Intuitive User Interface
Fluid Animation and XML Support
No Ads & No Watermark
Download Edited projects in High-Quality HD resolution
Multiple Format Support

Quick Comparison of Alight Motion with Other Video Editing Apps

To decide whether you should download Alight Motion and ensure that it is a better choice than other mobile editing apps. We are providing a quick comparison of it.

FeaturesAlight MotionOther Mobile Video Editing Apps
Animation ToolsKey Frame Video Animation – Frame-by-Frame Video Animation with custom elements and vector graphics editingBasic animation or no animation tools
LayersMulti-Layer Editing AvailableLimited Layers
Graphics SupportOffers Vector Graphics and Bitmap, sketch your images with 2D or 3D shapesOnly Bitmap
Editing FeaturesAdvanced Color Correction, Blending Modes, Timing Curves, Motion Blur, Sophisticated Visual EffectsBasic Trimming, Cutting, and other editing filters.
Free TierPowerful Features with limitationsLimited Features

Other Alternatives for the Alight Motion

If you find any issues while using Alight Motion, here are some powerful alternatives that have certain amazing features. You can use them for editing your video projects and making wonderful new videos.

PowerDirector App


PowerDirector is a video editing app that has powerful features to make your videos incredible with drag-and-drop video effects. The robust video editing capabilities of PowerDirector have a lot of unique features like dynamic transitions, frame-accurate editing, multicam editing, video denoising, and others. These features create mesmerizing effects in your editing projects.



Vivavideo is a user-friendly editing app for beginners that offers a variety of pre-made themes and templates. It has strong social media integration with a clear and intuitive interface and is known as a big-time saver for editing videos. You can not only add stickers to videos, but also add text to videos, and make videos from different pics. 

KineMaster App


KineMaster has multi-tracking editing features, Chroma Key, and a user-friendly interface. It has eight blending modes that offer overlaying videos and images. The tons of video editing features and functions create appealing visual effects and provide you with professional grade video editing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alight Motion PRO 2024

Alight Motion MOD APK is worthwhile as a PRO video editor as it helps to edit videos and images in a high-quality manner. You can create motion graphics, animations, and any other media types using the PRO version of the app.

The user-friendly interface, advanced features, and professional video editing make it a better choice than other video editors.

You can download the PRO version of Alight Motion from our website without any cost and utilize it with complete ease.

The free version of the Alight Motion app will not give you more advanced features to give a professional touch and creativity to your videos with a blend of unique features.

Within the app, you can purchase a subscription for the premium features that will remove the watermark permanently. However, you may raise a ticket to remove it but you will pay a cost for it.

All Wrapped Up!

To become a PRO video editor, click on the Alight Motion PRO MOD APK app. Millions of creators are using the app to make their videos professional, stunning, and more engaging. If you are facing any issues with the other video editing apps, don’t forget the unlocked features of Alight Motion. Don’t Have any fears about downloading the APK files, we are providing a secured file to download for the AM PRO app.

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