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10 Principles to love yourself
Health, Mind & Body

10 Principles to Love Yourself by Deepak Gupta- Read Now!

Genre Health, Mind & Body Author Deepak Gupta Rating 4.6 Pages 30 Price Free This eBook by Deepak Gupta is based on my favorite quote: ‘At least love yourself before loving others’. Yes, this quotation is absolutely true to understand the love of others for yourself. How can someone love others if they don’t have … Read more

Wolf of Ash : Paranormal Romance

Wolf of Ash:  Paranormal Romance by Amelia Shaw (Book 1)

Category Romance Pages 171 Author Amelia Shaw Rating 4.5 Series Paranormal Romance The story of the book is all about Paranormal Romance and describes the character of Talia and her father. Paranormal Fiction lies in the sub-category of romantic fiction and speculative fiction. A paranormal romantic story is one in which the central love interest is a … Read more

Kiss of Death
Science & Fiction

Kiss of Death by Susan Harris (The Sicarius Security Series Book 1)

Category Science Fiction & Fantasy Author Susan Harris Pages 247 Ratings 4.0 Series The Sicarius Security Series Do you like to study a book that involves Vampires? If yes, then you are at the right place because I am going to welcome you into the world of a vampire girl. Kiss of Death by Susan … Read more

The enemy of an enemy
Science & Fiction

The Enemy of an Enemy (Lost Tales of Power) Book 1 Read Now!

Category Science and Fiction Author Vincent Trigili Pages 264 Ratings 4.1 Series Lost Tales of Power Updated 2 days ago Are you being addictive to science fiction novels? Science Fiction novels are generally referred to as ideas based on a fictionalized story. The whole fictionalized story travels around technology, time travel, scientific rules, outer space, … Read more