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The science fiction book-The Invisible Man is actually based on a scientist’s optical research. Griffin, a book character who is invisible, is referenced in the title. This book was written by H.G. Wells and released in 1897. Optical research involves the invention of a changed refractive index of a body to that of air. This refractive index’s behavior prevents it from either reflecting or absorbing light.

Remember reflection of light is a phenomenon in which light from one medium strike the boundary of another medium and then reflects back. But the question arises how the man becomes invisible? The answer is here. He becomes invisible just because he wanted to perform the experiment on himself and as a result became invisible. Moreover, he failed to perform it successfully.

The Central theme of The Invisible Man

The main idea of the novel surrounds the strange man “Griffin” who makes his way to Mr. and Mrs. Hall’slocal inn the English Village named West Sussex. The scenario is like there is a snowstorm and the strange man is covered in bandages save for a fake nose. His dress includes a long-sleeved heavy coat, gloves, and a broad hat.

He is very shy, impetuous, and withdrawn. He only leaves his quarters at midnight to go out and uses a series of chemicals and scientific equipment, and he begs to be left alone. A lot of accidents frequently come to him but when Mrs. Hall addresses him, he becomes enraged and asks about the cost of loss to be added to this charge.

Burglars in the Village

After some time there comes a strange break in the village. Hers is an interval time when the burglars arrive to loot the money. Griffin is attempting to find a method to compensate for his boarding and accommodation because he is out of cash. His landlady puts blame on him that he has broken the promises and asks him to pay his bills.

Due to such blames, in a moment of rage he makes himself visible to his landlady. Police officer Jeffers tries to capture the stranger, but he escapes when he strips off his clothes to use his invisibility, battles off his assailants and runs to the South Downs. You may also like to read Just Me (A Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller – Book 1) – an amazing thriller book.

Thomas Marvel

Thomas Marvel makes a vagabond with Griffin to work with him as a helper there by force. Griffin takes him to the community to take the case study notebooks that hold all the details of his research. But Marvel becomes greedy and tried to betray Griffin due to which he threatened him to kill. The Invisible Man chases Marvel to the beach town of Port Burdock, where a client of the bar kills him.

Dr. Kemp

The neighborhood home where The Invisible Man seeks refuge turns out to be the residence of Dr. Kemp, an old classmate from medical school. He discloses his real identity to Kemp. Griffin is an albino previous medical student who turned to optic after quitting medicine. Griffin tells Kemp about his complete research which he did on cats and then on himself. He explained how he created substances to turn people invisible.

Griffin also describes how he completely destroyed the boarding house he was staying in to hide his paths, and discovered that he was unprepared to stay alive in the open. Then ultimately he stole some clothes from a store selling theatrical supplies on Drury Lane and then traveled to Iping to try to undo the invisibility.

Colonel Adye and Dr. Kemp

But unfortunately, Kemp has already reported Griffin to the neighborhood’s law enforcement, headed by Colonel Adye, the police commander of Port Burdock. This crazy idea makes him help Griffin and that’s why is waiting for him. The next morning he delivers a letter saying that Kemp will be the first person to perish under the “Reign of Terror.”

But since Kemp is the cool man he makes a plan to put himself as a hook to capture the Invisible Man. Here again, Griffin steals a message delivered by Kemp to his servant. Griffin, who is invisible, kills a witness while on the run after arming himself with a metal iron rod. If you love reading romantic books, you must give a read to After Darkness Falls by May Sage.

Griffin kills Adye with a gun before breaking into Kemp’s home. Adye’s policemen repel him, and Kemp flees toward the town, where the populace comes to his help. Griffin almost restrains the doctor because he is still fixated on murdering Kemp, but the angry mob corners seize, and brutally beats him.

His dying words are a pleading cry for mercy. Ignoring Griffin’s violent deeds, Kemp orders the crowd to back off and makes a fruitless attempt to rescue the life of his attacker. The bruised body of the dying Invisible Man gradually emerges, pitiful in the silence of death. A local police officer yells for a sheet to be placed over Griffin’s face.

Who is the Culprit?

Marvel is proven to have kept Griffin’s writings in private and, with the aid of the money stolen, has now established himself as a prosperous businessman, owning the “Invisible Man Inn,” according to the conclusion. Marvel, though, spends his downtime in his office attempting to make sense of the writings with the aspirations of one day re-starting Griffin’s work in a new way.

He has no knowledge of even the most elementary mathematical representations he views in the notes. Since several pages were unintentionally washed clean during his pursuit of Griffin, the residual notes are keyed in Greek and Latin.

Final Words

No doubt, the story of “The Invisible Man” is very much interesting for users who love science fiction novels. It takes the man into a world of mystery. The imagination of this novel will not make you bored while reading this. So don’t miss the superb opportunity; just clock the download button and have fun. If yo love comics you may also have fun with Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro.