Just Me (A Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller – Book 1)

CategoryMystery and Thrillers
AuthorBlake Pierce
SeriesA Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller
Updated2 days ago

Just me (A Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller – Book 1) is a famous audiobook by the author Blake Pierce. This novel is a debut novel by Blake Pierce and has received 7k ratings and reviews yet now. It is one of the masterpieces of thriller and mystery. Just click on the download button and install the book to your smartphone to indulge in the world of fantasy.

Central Theme of Just Me-Book 1

The story rounds around Cami Lark who is an anti-authoritarian MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Cyber genius. Her body look involves a lot of tattoos and piercings and the story. She gets into serious danger when she hacks the FBI (an institute of the Federal Bureau of Investigation). Cami unwillingly cooperates with the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit) when given the option of going to prison or helping them find serial killers.

Cami may uncover more killers than she expected but a twist comes in the story when she murders a killer. The reason for killing him is that he enjoys using augmented reality and with the lives of people victims at stake. If you love to read romantic audiobooks you may get Fighter’s Best Friend: By Alexa Rivers.


 I have provided the central theme of the best Audiobook Just me (A Cami Lark FBI Suspense Thriller – Book 1). Those who love to read books about mystery and thrill will surely love it.  So don’t get any more delay and click the download button.

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