Fighter’s Best Friend: By Alexa Rivers (MMA Romance Book 1)

AuthorAlexa Rivers
SeriesCrown MMA Romance Book 1

The central theme of the eBook Fighter’s Best Friend explains the character of the author’s best friend. He is hot, and handsome but still emotionally unavailable. The author actually elaborates that beauty is not only the main cause to fell in love with anyone. There must be the foremost thing for love and that is emotions.

Central Plot of Fighter’s Best Friend

The author wants to be too smart to fall in love with Gabe Mendoza. Gabe Mendoza is a character of the writer’s lover who is married to an MMA career. MMA career is the wife of the author’s best friend as a doctor who breezed through medical school. As it is always painful to wait for being loved. The author tells her love story in the following words;

“I’ve dressed his injuries and encouraged him for years, but I’m sick of waiting for him to wake up and realize what’s in front of him. I’m prepared to meet someone who will prioritize me.”

The author Alexa Rivers says that the last thing she anticipates for Gabe is to terrify her potential dates and tell her everything he desires to say to her indecently. He wants an opportunity to get things better but he has his hands full preparing for the battle of life. The writer is worried that when the clips are down, she will be left devastated. If you are a romantic series lover, you must give a read to Wolf of Ash: Paranormal Romance.

Final Words

Any novel or eBook will not give you the thing you will get in the world of Fantasy. While reading Fighter’s Best Friend: by Alexa Rivers MMA romance series you will surely see the world of the imagination and would feel what the writer is saying. So tap on the download button and get the charming world as soon as possible.

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