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CategoryRomantic Comedy
SeriesJapanese web Manga Series
Volumes13 Volumes Available

Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagaroto is a Japanese web Manga Series written and embellished by Nanashi. The web manga came into existence in Magazine Pocket, a Kodansha web manga publication accessible online and on smartphones, in November 2017. A Telecommunication Animation Movie version of an animated Tv show shown from April to June 2021. OLM will debut its season finale in January 2023.

The Central Idea of Don’t Toy with me, Miss Nagatoro

The main character of the first chapter is Kazehaya High School second-year student Naoto Hachioji, who is quiet and shy. He likes to be apart from everyone and avoid socialization with other students and loves to draw Manga in his free time. Unfortunately, he came across a girl a First-year Student Hayase Nagatoro, who found his comic by chance and called him Senpai. Nagatoro started to tease him until he cried. She entered and proceeded to make criticism of him for being bashful in his favorite hangout, Art Club. She also makes fun of his love for Otaku even using obscene language at times.

Besides all the bad things she did to him, he fell in love with Nagatoro in response to her constant prodding to be more forceful. He starts to open out to her and get more engaged in her life at some point. Senpai met with Nagatoro’s three friends named Gamo, Yoshii, and Sakura who looked like a mean, shallow high school girl.

It seemed like they had only one aim to torture Senpai but in actuality, they were putting their efforts to bring both of them closer. The semi-retired director of the Art Club then appears in another episode of the series and attempts to collapse the group, but is forced to back down by a conflict, allowing him to carry on. You must give a read to The Invisible Man by H.G Wells.

Main Characters of the Series of Don’t Toy with me

Hayase Nagaroto:

A first-year high school girl who delights in making fun of Senpai. Despite the fact that she only wants to punish him but she has a crush on him in her heart’s secret corner. Her secret crush appears when anyone attempts to abuse Senpai. As a result, she gets angry with anyone who makes him hurt.

Naoto Hachiouji as Senpai

A shy introvert who loves to sketch and prefers to keep to themselves. He gradually gains self-confidence after finding Nagatoro and beginning to spend out with her and her friends.

Supporting Characters of the Series of Don’t Toy with me


She is Nagaroto’s friend with orange-colored hair. Despite having a gruff exterior, she is the most adult of her friends and frequently behaves like an elder sister to them. She constantly refers to Senpai as “Paisan,” but Nagatoro becomes envious and urges her to end when she does.


An acquaintance of Nagatoro’s with light hair done in twin ribbons and an ahoge. She makes her way along in whatever plans Gamo has and accompanies her around. “A little bit of an attention seeker,” is how Vol. A significant portion of her statement is a reiteration of what Gamo stated.

Don't Toy with me


Another Nagatoro’s buddy is Sakura with short-blonde hair and a tan complexion. Despite having a nice and laid-back exterior, she enjoys inciting envy in gatherings of boys to fight for her attention. She frequently talks about stringing along multiple people simultaneously for entertainment.

The Club President:

She is the director of the Art club where Senpai goes for manga. She has long hair with ruby eyes that frame her face. Although she has a tough and serious nature, she also has no qualms about baring her skin for the benefit of her award-winning paintings. If you are a romantic series lover, you must read Fighter’s Best Friend.

Recurring Character of the Series of Don’t Toy with me

Misaki Nagatoro:

Her role is to be the elder sister of Ms. Nagatoro. She is also a university student but she has great care and affection for her sister. But as in a sis-sis relationship, no one can live without teasing one another. Similarly, she also teases her and sometimes embarrasses her.


Nagatoro and Orihara has a relationship in their childhood that leads to an Olympic when they used to practice Judo with each other. As Nagatoro has natural talent, she always won but after time passed Nagatoro lose interest, and Orihara due to her strong efforts gave it up after losing her in a match.

Hana Sunomiya:

She is also a first-year student and a cousin of the president of the Art Club. Her role is to support Senpai’s relationship with Nagatoro although Nagatoro is jealous of her. Nagatoro has a misunderstanding that Senpai may fall in love with Sunomiya so she doesn’t like her much.

Final Words

No doubt, Don’t Toy with me, Ms. Nagatoro is the famous Japanese Manga Series and very much interesting. You will never get bored while reading it. This is one of the best Comic series where the user indulges himself in the characters due to their roles. So don’t get any delay and clock on the download button right now.

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