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CategoryFiction & Literature
PublisherJack Mars
SeriesThe Spy Game, Book # 1
Size2 MB

Target One (The Spy Game – Book #1) is a famous gripping thrilling action with cliffhangers and love excitement for the readers. This is known to be the first book of Jacob Snow. It is the perfect addition to the action thriller series. The intriguing characters of the book have made it too fantastic that the reader can’t skip it without reading. That’s why it has a huge grip on taking the interest of its readers. The more the reader comes to the finish of the book, the harder it is to put it aside.

The Storyline of Target One (The Spy Game)

The writer starts the story in such a way that he takes you to the era where you find yourself against a terrorist group called “The Sword of the Righteous”. The reason for this opposition is that this group has stolen an Egyptian artifact with a lethal secret. The race to avert a nuclear incident in the Suez Canal is on, and enlist Dr. Jana Peters, an archeologist, and Egyptologist for assistance. The characters as adventurous and you want to get the, succeed in every situation. If you love reading biographies & memoirs, you must give a reading to Winning in Court: Millionaire in a Month.

Because the case requires a brilliant archeologist, Jacob searches for a strange and stunning woman. To answer the old mysteries and stop the terrorists before it becomes too late, they must cooperate. But as they scramble to uncover the stolen relic, they soon discover themselves embroiled in a scheme far larger than they would have ever expected. Meanwhile, time is running short.

Final Words

A #1 bestselling author introduces you to a brand-new superhero in TARGET ONE (The Spy Game – Book #1), the first book in a fiction & literature new series that will have you flipping pages well into the night. Excellent for Daniel Silva, Jack Carr, and Dan Brown enthusiasts.

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