Wolf of Ash:  Paranormal Romance by Amelia Shaw (Book 1)

AuthorAmelia Shaw
SeriesParanormal Romance

The story of the book is all about Paranormal Romance and describes the character of Talia and her father. Paranormal Fiction lies in the sub-category of romantic fiction and speculative fiction. A paranormal romantic story is one in which the central love interest is a mystical being. You will get more interest in the story while reading it so don’t forget to click on the download button. Wolf of Ash: Paranormal Romance is a story of thrill and mystery of a girl who want to escape but fails to do so.

Central Idea of Wolf of Ash: Paranormal Romance

Since the story of the book reveals the character of Talia and her father. Talia is a girl who has seen the execution of her father and that is the worst thing for her. It remains worst till her partner turns her down and kicks her out of the pack. There comes a mission for Talia’s father who turns rogue and slaughters a large number of group members. The pack is currently hunting prey. However, not even his execution was able to calm the Alpha’s ire. If you are interested to read more books you may check Fighter’s Best Friend: By Alexa Rivers.


The reason for this to be worst is that Maddox to whom Talia has been destined from birth refuses their marriage and exiles her. She has only three days to quit the city before the pack comes looking for her. Another immediate threat comes for Talia after she departs, overriding her own pack’s deathly declaration.


Galen is another character in the story and is known as the long Claw pack’s new alpha whom her father attempted to kill, catches Talia. She wants to keep it secret from him that she and Maddox are no longer together as a couple.

Galen keeps her alive just to use according to his desire as a negotiating tool. How long will she keep using the tactic, though? Ultimately, you will get the answer when you will start reading it. But for your satisfaction, I will only tell here, that she is still in the town and her pack will be aware of it.


As the story of Wolf of Ash: Paranormal Romance itself describes that it lies in the category of romance you will surely get interested in while reading it. There are not many thrills in the story but the girl’s emotions and life are going to spoil. If you want to read what has been done with Talia, just click on the download button and install it to read.

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