Kiss of Death by Susan Harris (The Sicarius Security Series Book 1)

CategoryScience Fiction & Fantasy
AuthorSusan Harris
Ratings 4.0
SeriesThe Sicarius Security Series

Do you like to study a book that involves Vampires? If yes, then you are at the right place because I am going to welcome you into the world of a vampire girl. Kiss of Death by Susan Harris is a book that has a lot of secrets for the readers in it. The book engages the readers with the Irish Vampire Malakai Cavanagh and Keeva Cross, the two central characters, are the focus of the narrative. Don’t neglect to download the book to read it in its entirety.

Malakai Cavanagh-Character of Kiss of Death

The character of Malakai Cavanagh is to be a vampire from over a thousand years ago. Moreover, he is also the leader of the kiss (an Irish Vampire) for almost two hundred years. He is not only a representative of Sicarius Security, the most prestigious security firm in the world but also a representative of the Inferna council. The important thing is Sicarius serves as a respectable cover for what he and his Kiss do. Its work is to kill those who endanger the delicate balancing act between humans and Inferna. Also to those who would expose humans to all the strange things that happen at night.

Keeva Cross

Keeva Cross, a ghost who is unable to foretell death and the monstrosity of her Scream, is the source of their annual millions in revenue. Keeva’s stroke can actually be fatal. Keeva accidentally killed her best friend in her teenage, received a hundred years’ worth of community service in exchange for her freedom. Keeva is eager to accept the assignment when it is presented to her as an opportunity to murder one tiny vampire. It would help her to erase the final twenty years of her punishment.

Keeva and Malakai Together

Malakai and Keeva are caught up in the stirrings of an insurrection as the millennia of peace between the Inferna species are beginning to fall apart. They are possibly the ones who have the power to stop what happens next. And for that purpose, they have to put out the flames of attraction that might well be the kiss of death. If you want to get more romance stories you may also approach Wolf of Ash: Paranormal Romance.

Final Words

The central idea of the book Kiss of Death by Susan Harris is discussed above. No doubt, the book has the power to engage the users in it and will surely not bore them.  So don’t forget to tune into the world of Irish Vampire and click on the download button as soon as possible.

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