Simple and Effective Tricks to Play Ludo King in 2024

Are you trying to find a resource that can help you win and improve your strategic abilities? Players who love to play board games always want to stick to the rules that they should apply to win. Well, it all depends on you which game is adding fun to your life from the board category. It can be a Ludo Star, Chess, Ludo King, or any other. However, we will talk about Ludo King’s winning tactics in this section.

Ludo King is based on the ancient Indian game “Pachisi” and came from England in 1896. The board popularity of this game develops the interest of individuals and they love to play it.

Among all the popularity of the game, the winning process includes some traditional rules and strategies. Every Ludo King lover must know these rules to play the game with a complete fun factor.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Ludo King

Whether you want to play the Mod version or the official one of the game, you must understand these rules. Without knowing the proper strategies you will never learn how your competitors are winning the game. Therefore, I am providing the best tricks that I always applied to win my Ludo King game for the last five years.

1. Understand the Online Ludo Playing Rules

Individuals who jump into the game thinking that it’s as simple as seems are in a great misunderstanding. It is important to understand the online Ludo playing rules either by watching tutorials or any other source. The gameplay rules involve the number of players, pawn movement, rules of moving pawns, and killing the opponent’s pawns. Besides, you should know about the double pawn rule and how to finish the home area as well. I would like to mention some top Ludo hacks that will help you in winning the game;

  • Ensure the free movement of your pawns all over the Ludo Leader Board
  • Use some trick to distract the path of your opponent
  • Follow tips to take your pawns to the home area safely
  • Have a deep focus to block your opponents from taking your pawns back home

Don’t forget to understand the rules for both Ludo Culture and the traditional games to clear your winning path.

2. Don’t Rely on one or two pawns

It is a foolish strategy to rely only on one or two pawns to win the game. One major thing that each player should follow is to unlock all the pawns and decrease the chances of being attacked by your opponent. In case you roll over a less number on the dice you can move any of the pawns over the leaderboard.

3. Move your Pawns Strategically

Do you want to get a bonus for winning the Ludo King game? If yes, use the strategic approach for moving all your pawns on the leaderboard. You will find no risk of immediate elimination if you are using them tactically over the board.

4. Safely Get Your Coin to the Home

If you are moving forward to win the game, naturally you will see that your opponent will try to block it. In that case, you want protection from any other pawn and that pawn will chase your opponent. It will create a sense of insecurity in the mind of your opponent that there may be a chance of being caught and he will target your pawn wisely.

5. Never put all of your eggs in a single nest

It is not a good strategy if you are using only one pawn over the same strategy and being killed by the opponent. One pawn movement after being killed will eliminate all of your points and you will not save your score points. But unlocking all pawns will help you to not lose your score if one pawn is being killed.

6. Play Defensively by saving your Pawns

If you have unlocked all of your pawns it is good to play defensively. However, players used to think how can we save our pawns? It is quite easy if you place at least three players at the safe points. These pawns will keep an eye over your opponent’s strategies and one of your pawns will move forward to the home area.

7. Distribute all Pawns on multiple Safe Points

Players will not find it a good strategy if they are not distributing all of their pawns on multiple safe points. It will increase to kill the pawns of your opponent and you will get more chances to win the game.

8. Don’t use the one Pawn always

It is always a bad strategy to use only a single pawn as the winning one while playing the online Ludo King game. There will no proper trick to recover your lost points once your single token is being killed by the opponent. You will not be able to hide your tips and tricks from your opponent and will not get the outcome you wish.

9. Roll High Numbers to Kill your Opponent

If you are rolling high numbers by luck, maintain a focus on how to use them to kill your opponent. Unlocking all your tokens will help you to develop a focus on your three opponents and you can easily kill their tokens. In case you are not getting high numbers, the chances of killing the tokens of your opponents are still present. Therefore, develop a good thinking strategy to win the game.

10. Save your Highest Scoring Pawn

Saving your highest-scoring pawn is one of the most crucial moves you can make. No matter how you are using the points, you must have to secure your highest-scored pawn. If this pawn is eliminated by the opponent, your ability to stand up will likely decrease. Therefore, never allow your opponent to attack your highest-scoring pawn, and save it as soon as possible.

11. Position your Pawns to attack

If you select the highest-scoring token of your opponent for killing, ensure your three pawns are at the safest points. Now chase that pawn and take advantage of attacking that pawn who wants to reach home earlier. It will provide you a greater probability of victory than any other rival.

12. Take a Longer Time on your Turns

If you are playing the online Ludo Game, the high-scoring player gets two options. Both options include two times, one includes the individual time and the other one is all over. It is beneficial to use the longer time at your turn and your opponent will automatically get less time to increase his score.

13. Enjoy the Rule of 7

When your pawn is closer to your opponent’s pawn than seven tiles, your chances of having it destroyed in the following turn are 1/6. However, this probability significantly diminishes to 1/36, a sixfold decrease, when your pawn is 7 or more tiles away. Furthermore, the chances decrease even more to 1/180 when the distance is greater than 12 tiles.

 This substantial reduction in the risk of pawn elimination after reaching the 7th tile is referred to as the “Rules of 7.” Thus, if it is not possible to keep your pawns on safe points, you should place them a minimum of 7 tiles away from your opponent to guarantee their protection.

14. Additional Points to get your Pawn at Home

Online Ludo King game involves the earning of additional points. If you get one of your pawns at home, you will enjoy 56 points. Therefore, it is a good strategy to build a focus to move your pawn towards home rather than killing your opponent’s token.

15. Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Need to win the game every time you play? Focus on practicing it well and developing a good bond of engagement. It is common to know that practice makes a man perfect and you can only learn to win the game when you practice it.

16. Learn to Sacrifice your Pawns wisely

In case, you think that your three pawns are stuck and surrounded by the opponent, choose wisely. You must think that your pawn close to the home area will never sacrifice the points as it is on the way to success. It is good to lose one that hasn’t started the journey.

A Brief Summary of the Ludo King Game Rules

Primary ObjectiveMove all four tokens from the starting area to the center of the board, known as the “home” area.
Point Scoring RulesPoints are not typically used in Ludo King; the focus is on reaching the home area with all tokens.
Rule to OpenRoll a 6 to bring a token out of the starting area and enter it onto the board.
Ludo Killing RuleLanding on an opponent’s token sends it back to the starting area.
Number of Players2 to 4 players
Movement RuleRoll a die and move the corresponding number of spaces.
Safe ZoneThe last few spaces before the home area are where tokens are safe from being sent back to the start.
Bonus RollsRolling a 6 earns the player an additional roll.
Turn SkipsRolling three consecutive 6s results in a turn skip for that player.

Importance, Benefits, and Impacts of Playing Ludo King

In case you want to hold on over the importance of the Ludo King board game it is necessary to have a look over the number of downloads. Of course, there must be something that has reached the number of downloads to about more than 330 million downloads. Of course, you will not get the charm of the game until you download it.

That is why there are 50 million active users over both the official and Ludo king Mod APK with a daily average time spent of 49 minutes. But this was an old estimate, and according to the latest one, the game has reached 1 Billion + downloads by the end of 2023.

Impacts and Benefits of Playing the Real Ludo King Game

Indeed there are many positive impacts and benefits to playing the Ludo King game. Individuals before becoming the regular players of the game should take into account the benefits of playing the game. Let’s talk about a few of them, listed below:

The major benefit or positive impact includes the fun, relaxation, and entertainment of playing the game. It acts as a source of stress relief, allows social interaction while playing in online communities, and cognitive skills. You will learn how you can make strategic and game-turning decisions for winning the game. Besides, the multiplayer experience has positive impacts on encouraging players to collaborate and compete.

Each thing that has benefits will surely have some negativity towards the people. Consequently, playing Ludo King a lot more develops time consumption, distraction, addiction, and health issues. Especially the kids below 18 years will get more negative effects to play the game. It can affect the productivity and focus of students and they will not convert their study hours. Therefore, you must keep a balance between the positive and negative impacts of playing the Ludo King game.

Final Words

Winning the game is not only related to learning the tactics and strategies. One thing that I have discovered is to make the game fun. These games are developed to decrease the stress causing things from life or forget them. Following a market review, there are 30 countries where Ludo King is played and in 14 different languages. If you are interested in more board games, never miss the gameplay of Tile Master MOD APK.

Important FAQs to know about mastering the strategies to play Ludo King