The Enemy of an Enemy (Lost Tales of Power) Book 1 Read Now!

CategoryScience and Fiction
AuthorVincent Trigili
Pages 264
SeriesLost Tales of Power
Updated2 days ago

Are you being addictive to science fiction novels? Science Fiction novels are generally referred to as ideas based on a fictionalized story. The whole fictionalized story travels around technology, time travel, scientific rules, outer space, and some aliens. The Enemy of an Enemy is the first book of the series Lost Tales of Power. The Lost Tales of Power is unending science-fiction fantasy series that involves the aspects of both classic fantasy and science fiction that is set in a huge cosmos.

Central Idea of The Enemy of an Enemy

The main character of the book is Vydor who is enjoying a period of success and good fortune. You will get a twist in the story when his ship, The Dragon Claw, is sent into space. The ship is being dispatched to look into a strange incident that occurred far inside the Empire’s space. The forces have to examine a covert research colony that has gone silent. Moreover, they have not been reported again.

The thrill in the story is that the dark forces that were discarded a long time before the Empire was established have returned to the Empire with a new enemy. The powers that were believed to be tales and stories have turned back with new strength. It is up to Vydor to fend off this army and safeguard the Empire, but doing so would jeopardize his faith and upend the very fabric of the Empire. Another science fiction book for the readers is The Invisible Man by H.G Wells.


I have provided a brief central idea about the book. Those who love to read science fiction novels will surely find interest in the enemy of an enemy by Vincent Trigiili. Click on the download button to have a more thrilling fictionalized story and indulge yourself in the world of fantasy.

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