After Darkness Falls Volume 1 by May Sage- Read Now!

Category Romance Author May Sage Pages 320 Volume 1 Rating 4.7 The complete story of the famous paranormal romance series after darkness falls by May Sage lies around a girl. Her name is Chloe, she has huge dreams to conquer the world. She works hard to make all efforts for her bright future. However, the … Read more

Wolf of Ash:  Paranormal Romance by Amelia Shaw (Book 1)

Category Romance Pages 171 Author Amelia Shaw Rating 4.5 Series Paranormal Romance The story of the book is all about Paranormal Romance and describes the character of Talia and her father. Paranormal Fiction lies in the sub-category of romantic fiction and speculative fiction. A paranormal romantic story is one in which the central love interest is a … Read more

Fighter’s Best Friend: By Alexa Rivers (MMA Romance Book 1)

Category Romance Pages 204 Rating 4.6 Author Alexa Rivers Series Crown MMA Romance Book 1 The central theme of the eBook Fighter’s Best Friend explains the character of the author’s best friend. He is hot, and handsome but still emotionally unavailable. The author actually elaborates that beauty is not only the main cause to fell … Read more