Download FaceApp MOD APK v11.8.5.3 [PRO/ Unlocked/No Watermark]

DeveloperFaceApp Technology Ltd
RequiresAndroid 8.0 and up
MOD FeaturesNo Watermark
No Ads

Don’t you have any mood to put your face into makeup and hairstyles but want to take selfies? It’s incredible if we find something that can completely change or look at using filters. You can turn your look into a prettier one or change it into a hilarious one by downloading the FaceApp MOD APK.

FaceApp MOD APK is the latest app with no watermark that helps individuals add facial elements. It can completely change your actual Avatar by changing hair, adapting new gender, and other interesting factors.

In this post, I will make it clear what are the key features that will help individuals to change their look. Besides, how the Mod features pay back without any subscription. Whether you are downloading the app for the first time, you will enjoy using it.

How does the FaceApp MOD APK work?

It is wonderful to think about how we can change our hair color, or style, or add facial elements with one app only. To bring your mind from fantasy to reality you have to take a look into Artificial Intelligence. Yes, the working system of your FaceApp Pro APK is based on A.I. The advanced technologies will let you make the changes that you want to make while taking pictures.

The smart photography app has wonderful A.I technologies that have enhanced downloads to 100,000,000s. Of course, the 3 million positive reviews and 4.7 ratings of the App on the Google Play Store have not kept the downloads at a constant rate. The value is increasing day by day and the app is going to introduce new and advanced features.

Key Features of FaceApp Pro MOD APK

  • Users can easily access all the advanced tools available in the app.
  • There are no restrictions for using the app to change your age, hair color, style, or facial look.
  • You can have access to the vast collection of different customizable filters.
  • Each filter lets you adjust the brightness, contrast, and adjust colors.
  • Your image will not contain any watermark, style your face beard, and utilize the auto adjust tool for personalization.
  • Have access to the free stickers access, tattoos on the skin by downloading the FaceApp MOD APK.
  • An amazing tool is the smile adjustment. Even if you are looking dull and upset in your photo the smile adjustment tool will let you smile perfectly.
  • You can add an appropriate background behind your photo if the actual one is not a good choice for your picture.
  • Among all the makeup tools is unlocked that will let you use different customizations like Matte, Glossy, Dark, Bright, and others. These tools are the favorite ones for females and they can change their look even without putting makeup on their face in reality.

If you want unlimited storage for your photos, check out the latest version of Google Photos Mod APK.

MOD Features within the FaceApp MOD APK

  • All premium features  unlocked
  • Unlimited Filters unlocked
  • No Watermark
  • Change your Age
  • Utilize Hollywood Filters
  • Background Change
  • Alter Facial Expressions
  • Add Beard and Mustaches to your Photos

Premium Features Free of Cost

The mod version of the FaceApp MOD APK provides you with the availability of premium features without any cost. You can use these premium features to edit the pictures and utilize other features to alter them perfectly.

Unlimited Stunning Filters

All the filters that have been introduced within the app since its creation have been unlocked. You can beautify your pictures as you want and add new facial elements to them. Besides, you may change your upset mood into a smiling one. Camera360 Mod APK is also an amazing photography app to have fun with it.

No Watermark on Images

The latest version of the FaceApp MOD APK allows individuals to create pictures without any watermark. Sharing the pictures with families and buddies is possible if you capture them without any watermark.

Change your Age

One of the stunning features of the app is that you can look smarter and younger than your actual age. Many individuals in this era want to look quite younger than their age and they can easily do it by using the Age changer filter.

Use Hollywood Filters

Are you one of those who wants to look like Emma Watson? Many female and male individuals want to change their looks according to their favorite actors and actresses. You can do it simply by using the Hollywood filters and changing your face look into your favorite actor’s look. Moreover, also amaze yourself with the stunning features of PicSay Pro Mod APK.

Utilize Beard and Mustache

The common trend in boys and men is to have beards and Mustaches. No need to use them as your face part in reality if you don’t like it. The FaceApp Pro MOD APK is the best app to add facial elements to your face and you can add beard and mustaches too.

Alter your Background

The premium version of the app will let you alter your background. You have different unique options that you can set over your picture and check how they look. Once the image is just right, you may download it and send it to anyone you choose!

How may I download and Install the FaceApp MOD APK for Android?

There are no hard and fast steps to accomplish downloading and installing the FaceApp on your Android smartphone. These simple steps will help you proceed with how you can download the app successfully on your phone.

  1. By visiting our website, you will see the download button at the top of the post.
  2. You can start downloading your file by clicking this button.
  3. After a few settings, visit your phone’s file manager where the file is located.
  4. Before installing it, cross-check the security settings>> unknown resources>> activate.
  5. Once you have activated the unknown settings, now install the app on your phone.
  6. After a little while, you’ll notice that your file has been installed and is ready for use.

Installing & Downloading Method on PC

The FaceApp MOD APK is helpful for both Android and PC. Many individuals don’t have a good camera and they cannot take a good picture by using their PCs. Therefore, they can install the FaceApp Pro and enjoy using it.

  1. If you want to enjoy the FaceApp on your PC, you need to first download Bluestacks Emulator.
  2. Now search the mod version of the FaceApp pro apk for PC and click on the download button.
  3. It will appear in the downloads option and take a few seconds to complete.
  4. Your PC will ask consent to install the new app and changes to your PC.
  5. Allow your PC and wait for a while. Soon you will see that the app is installed on your device.

Final Words

The use of AI technologies in many facets of life is urgently needed. Apps without watermarks that help individuals in editing pictures or videos are just incredible like Alight Motion for Android. The FaceApp MOD APK no watermark is also one of the apps that can help in using wonderful features. Don’t forget to check your device’s compatibility and click on the download button right now to enjoy the best premium features.

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