Unique Tips to Speed Up a Video on WeVideo 2024

Double-click your clip in the Timeline to launch the clip editor and alter its placement, position, or speed. In clip editors, you can alter your selection using the Transform, Trim, and Speed tabs. Did you know that you can use WeVideo to slow or speed up your video up to 5 times its normal speed? To change the pace of your video clip, first, pick it and then go to the editor menu. You can either double-click the clip or pick the pencil icon to do so. Then, select the speed tab, represented by a speedometer icon. The range slider and the speed slider are the two sliders that can be modified here.

The range slider will be adjusted for the clip’s duration by default. By dragging the two frames along with the slider, you may fine-tune this. Below there, you can change the clip’s pace. To speed up the clip, move the slider to the right, and to slow it down, move it to the left. Select the checkbox option to add a 1-second seamless in and out transition to the clip below that. By clicking the play button in the sample screen on the right, you may experiment with these settings and see how they look. After you’ve made your selections, select save changes, and you’re ready to go.

How to Increase and Reduce the Speed of your Video Using WeVideo?

We’ve already seen those clips on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook, where the footage is ramped up or slowed down for a great effect. These impacts can be an easy method to take your films to the next level, regardless of the sector or business you’re in. We’re talking about them because they’re entertaining, awe-inspiring, and fascinating. Changing the pace of your movie, often known as fast-motion/slow-motion effects, isn’t as difficult as it may appear. We’ll show you how to use WeVideo editor PRO to add these effects to your own video in this blog.

Best Way to Make your Video Fast-Forward

You can make your videos fast or slow by using different photo and video editors. But follow these steps for editing your videos by using WeVideo.

1. Do a Project

You can choose to make a video from scratch or start with one of our video themes after logging in and arriving at the WeVideo dashboard. We suggest uploading your multimedia or using stock footage, depending on the look you’re going for.

2. Add your Files to the Gallery

After that, you’ll need to upload confidential material or select stock footage for your video. I’ll use clips of people running from our stock library for this example. The Professional and Business plans give access to WeVideo’s royalty-free media library.

Speed up a video using WeVideo

3. Alter the Speed of your Video

Now comes the exciting part. Select the clip you wish to add the slow-motion or fast-forward effect on and double-click it. You’ll see the clip editor appear, and you’ll press the last tab at the top. KineMaster Mod APK is also an amazing video editor to have fun with it.

4. Slow Motion- A Nice Touch

Slide the ‘Value’ scale to the left to slow down a video. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few times before you discover the perfect place.

5. Include a Fast-Forward Feature

Making your video faster is the same as slowing it down. You’ll move the scale to the right instead of the left till you find the speed you want.

How to Speed up a Video on Android?

Go to a video website. Tap the video once to get to the more menu. You can view a video as many times as you like by tapping Playback Speed. What is the optimal place to watch the video at? You may also use Power Director Mod APK for video editing.

How to Use WeVideo on Android?

Start by launching the Google Photos app. After that, all of your media will be collected into a single Gallery. Create a video using a clip from the media clip library. Select the Movie option after clicking the Add symbol.

How Do I Freely Speed Up a Video on My Android by WeVideo?

  • Fast Motion: Speed up Videos using Fast Motion, and a video-speeding application recently released on the market. You may use this popular tool to speed up videos.
  • At vira Video, you can work as an editor or a video producer.
  • A video’s video speed controls how long it lasts and how quickly it travels.
  • It would be beneficial to automat- slow motion.

Final Words

In my opinion, WeVideo is considered the most popular app to speed a video. You may now go out and add slow or rapid motion to your videos using the tools and knowledge you have just learned. Put these effects on your videos to take them to the next level by using the premium features of WeVideo. With these tools, you may leave them speechless and promote your business.

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