Download Alight Motion MOD APK (Paid Subscription Unlocked) 2024

Being a professional video editor you would wish to have access to all effects, filters, and presets of Alight Motion. The free version of the Alight Motion app gives you limited features that don’t help much more. Therefore, taking the Alight Motion MOD APK (Paid Subscription Unlocked) is a good choice to get the high-resolution export.

GenreVideo Editor & Player
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc
RequiresAndroid 7.0 and up
Updated2 days ago

How may I get Alight Motion MOD APK (Paid Subscription)?

  If you want to get a paid subscription by paying the fee, you have to open the Alight Motion app. Now find the membership options by scrolling through your Profile Icon in the “My Account” screen. No matter whether you are taking subscriptions by Google Play Store or Apple Store, your payments and renewals will be managed automatically.

However, many users don’t have much money to spend weekly or monthly to buy subscriptions. For them, we are providing the PRO-modified version of the Alight Motion app. The latest modified version of the incredible video editing app provides all effects and features unlocked.

Alight Motion PRO APK Free Download
Simple to use

Robust Features in the Alight Motion (PRO MOD & Paid Membership)

            Within the PRO version as well as the paid membership, you will get all the premium features unlocked. Here is an overview of the features that you will get to make your videos more professional.

  • The user-friendly interface enhances your functionality to produce more creativity on your projects.
  • All the animation tools are unlocked and you can use them to show expertise in your videos.
  • The Keyframe animation is the perfect feature to create smooth transitions.
  • You can use motion graphics, vector, and bitmap editing to do advanced-level editing.
  • Visual effects on various videos will help you to take a perfect look by making certain customizations.
  • The multiple-layer support of the app, vector shapes, and drawings assist in handling various complex projects.
  • You can create custom designs, YouTube Thumbnail logos, and add hidden text to your photos.
  • The “Sound Editing” feature helps you to edit and add any audio tracks to your projects.
  • The video export options support different formats and you can share your videos to different social media platforms.
  • The comprehensive asset library assists you in storing your pictures, video clips, and other projects.

You will not have any watermark over your videos and another incredible thing is, there will be no ads while using the app. Check out the remaekable features of Alight Motion Mod Apk latest version.

Hidden Features by gaining the Alight Motion PRO MOD APK

           However, you will get all the premium features unlocked by the MOD APK or with a paid subscription. For instance, you can enhance your animation to a higher level by selecting a pivot point using advanced movement tools. 

Besides, you can import any other file or project within the file. If you want to copy the effects of any other project into the recent one, you can simply copy the layer from the other project and paste it into the running project.  All the presets, effects, and filters of the file will automatically import into the recent file and you can customize it accordingly.

alight motion presets free download mod apk
Diverse Features

Is it possible to use one Subscription across multiple platforms and devices?

Spending money isn’t easy but for the premium features you have to do it. If you want to use the subscription across platforms and devices, you need to sign in to all of your devices to the app. One thing to make sure of is to sign in to all devices at the same store from which you have purchased the subscription.

For multiple devices, you can only sign in to three devices for using the paid subscription. However, multiple users cannot use the same Alight Motion subscription. You have to export a project package to continue one project on multiple devices.

PROS and CONS of taking the Paid Subscription for Alight Motion

How to overcome issues for Alight Motion (Active Subscription) on the Google Play Store?

Many users are not able to take the benefits of the premium features after buying the paid subscription for the Alight motion. If you have taken it from the Google Play Store, we are providing the solution for overcoming the issues.

  • Reload your computer device or reboot it.
  • You should sign in to the Play Store with the active Alight Motion subscription.
  • Sign out other accounts unless your problem is sorted out.
  • Now check whether you can use the premium features completely or not. If still, there is an issue contact Google Play Support.
  • Don’t forget to refresh your account.

How may I access the PRO features by overcoming issues on the Apple Store?

If you are facing issues accessing the PRO features of Alight Motion on the Apple Store after buying the active subscription. You need to troubleshoot the issues in the following way;

  • If the issue is not resolved, take a screenshot and submit your request to use the paid subscriptions.
  • Restart/Reload/Reboot your system.
  • Scroll to the settings to find the Apple ID that you have used for the Alight Motion subscription.
  • Now open the app and access your account to refresh it.

What do People Ask about the Alight Motion MOD APK (Paid Subscription)?

There is no cost for the PRO modified version of the app and it provides all the premium features that the paid subscription contains in it.

If you have taken a weekly subscription, you will pay $4.99. However, for monthly and annual subscriptions, you will pay $6.99 and $28.99 for the in-app purchases.

It is not possible to share on subscription to multiple users and there is a limit of three devices if you want to use multiple devices.

You will have access to the library, advanced video export options, sound editing, motion graphics, multiple layers editing, and enhanced visual effects.

If you want to check your subscription status, tap your profile’s icon. Now tap on “My Account”, and you will see your account’s subscription status.


Among all the video editing apps, Alight Motion MOD APK (Paid Subscription Unlocked) is an incredible professional video editing app. The filters and effects that you can’t access by the free version will now be available in it. Beyond the benefits of the features, your money will be saved by taking the modified version. It’s all up to you whether you want to buy a membership or enjoy the PRO-modified version of the app. Hit the download button for free access to the premium in-app features.

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