How to delete my Carrom Pool Account permanently in 2024?

Are you bored of playing Carrom Pool or don’t have enough time to continue the gameplay? This might be possible and there are no issues if you want to delete your Carrom Pool account. Many people face technical difficulties while playing Carrom Disc Pool and just want a fresh start. For them, I am providing a guide about how to delete my Carrom Pool account as I deleted it six months ago.

How did I delete my Carrom Pool Account?

I would like to explain the simple steps that helped me while deleting my Carrom Pool Account. I know certain questions are circulating in your mind about whether you should reactivate it or not, I will answer them below.

Deletion of a Guest Account and Erase your Data

If you are using a Guest Account, keep in mind that you cannot delete it permanently. Because the Guest accounts are linked to any specific profiles.

  • There is no specific action for deleting the Carrom Pool guest account.
  • You have to uninstall the Carrom Pool app to erase your data.
  • Again reinstalling the app will make you able to make a fresh start.

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Deletion of a Carrom Pool Account Linked to Facebook

If you are playing the Carrom Pool by linking the game to Facebook, you can follow two methods for deleting your account. Don’t forget that once your account is deleted, you will lose your progress and there is no way to recover it.

How to delete the Carrom Pool Account by Unlinking Facebook?

That’s quite an easy and simple process if you have never done it, it’s time to do it! 

  • Visit the Google Play Store and launch the Carrom Pool app on your device.
  • Scroll your cursor until you find the “Settings” option and find the linked accounts.
  • The linked accounts will be available as “Social Accounts” or “Account Management.”
  • Find the Facebook option and unlink it from the Carrom Pool app.
  • Now delete your Carrom Pool account and erase the data for progress deletion.

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How to delete the Carrom Pool Account by using Miniclip?

The deletion process at Miniclip contains only four steps given below;

  • You have to send a request to Miniclip to inform the team that you want to delete your Carrom Pool Account.
  • The deletion procedure contains ten simple steps for your information that will ask for your name, Email, User ID, Nickname, country/state, date of creation, and reason to delete.
  • Don’t forget to add the screenshots, a receipt of the purchases if you made them, and a confirmation.
  • After sending the request, the Miniclip team will validate your information with the data stored in their database.
  • Once the data match process is completed, your records will be deleted.
  • You will get a “Final Notification” for the deletion of the account.

Note – Miniclip takes time to delete the account for at least 30 days, you will not take the request back once you send it.

 A Clear Warning for deleting the Account permanently

If you have deleted the account permanently, you will not be able to recover your old progress, money, and coins.

Alternative Solutions for Deleting the Carrom Pool Account

If you are just bored with the game or lost interest, you may get chances to take your interest back in the game. Therefore, I am providing some alternative solutions for you that will not lose your in-game progress and you will continue where you left. 

  • Deactivate your Account

By deactivation, your account will be disabled temporarily and other users will not see your profile.  Your progress will be there and whenever you wish you can reactivate your account.

  • Freeze your Carrom Pool Account

Freezing your account means taking a break for some days or months. This will stop your account instead of deleting the whole data and progress.

What do People Ask about the deletion of the Carrom Pool Account?

No, you cannot play the game again by linking it to your Facebook account.

Facebook login will ask you for the account information. Since it cannot be retrieved again you cannot play it.

No, Miniclip only deletes the account that you wish to delete permanently, other accounts will be saved.


For months you will feel that Carrom Disc Pool, the fascinating board game has served you like a wow. But now you want to move on to something more entertaining and you want to say goodbye to it. I hope you can eliminate your progress and delete your Carrom Pool account with the comprehensive guide given above.

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