How to Play Carrom Pool Game (Ultimate Winning Strategies)

Have you ever enjoyed playing “Pool with Flicks”? The most popular game in Asia that combines the elements of precision and strategy is found in the Carrom Pool MOD APK with unlimited coins and gems. Unlike the real carom, you don’t have to set the board as it is already set in the digitized form. The multiplayer board game has unlimited fun hidden for its lovers, however, you will find it interesting by knowing its gameplay.

How to Play Carrom Pool for Beginners

Playing Carrom Pool on Android smartphones is a great source of excitement and fun for beginners. The first step is to download and install the game, and then choose the game mode. There are two game modes classic and Disc, you can choose it accordingly. You are the striker and the board is already set, make short, powerful strikes to win the game.

Explore the basic Slots in the Carrom Pool

If you are looking to enjoy the best carom slot, you must have to check the three basic slots. By exploring the slots, you will easily know how to attain your required enjoyment slot.

  • Download and Install the Game
  • Set your Carrom Board
  • Know the Strategy and learn tactics to break circles

Download & Install the Game

The first slot is a stick to download and install the game from the secured resources. You can get the official version of the app from the Play Store with limited features. However, you may get the modified version of the app for all the premium unlocked features. Launch the game on your Android smartphone after downloading and installing it.

Explore the Required Stats and Set your Carrom Board

Understand all the required stats of the game by entering the game’s interface. You have to get a complete understanding of the pieces and set the board according to your personal preferences with the required symbols.  Since the board is digitalized its position adjustment is so critical and you have to check the boundaries with the strike measures count.

Break the Circle Slots with the Perfect Strategies

After setting the board, understand all the rules to play Carrom Pool and determine the strategies that you are going to use in the game. Although the understanding of rules and slots is important you must have to make these strategies too powerful to rock on the game. Initiate the circle-breaking techniques to get the desired enjoyment of the Carrom Pool after circle-breaking slots.

Basic Carrom Pool Gameplay Variants

You will enter the Carrom Gameplay Variants after the decisive mode selection to enjoy the game. There are two basic carom pool gameplay variants, you can select any of them given below;

  • Freestyle Carrom Gameplay Variant
  • Professional Carrom Gameplay Variant

Freestyle Gameplay Variant – There are no constraints in the freestyle gameplay variant and you will show your flicking skills.  All the carrom pieces will be in the classic mode and try fancy trick shots strategically. Freestyle allows you to have fun and push your Carrom flicking mastery in the game.

Professional Gameplay Variant – The professional gameplay variant has customization options that allow you to adjust the number of fouls. You should have extraordinary flicking skills and strategic planning for the professional gameplay variant.

Note: Explore different ways of earning gems in the Carrom Pool.

Significant Rules to Know for Playing the Carrom Pool

To win the game, every player must have to know the significant rules for playing the Carrom pool. These rules contain a detail of each slot and players will easily get an idea about how the gameplay is going to be;

  • Queen – Scores 50 Points
  • White Man – Scores 20 Points
  • Black Man – Scores 10 Points
  • You have to cover the queen
  • Conquer the Carrom Board
  • Break the in-game circle

Three Carrom Modes – Select Your Favorite

The Carrom Pool game has three modes, all of which contain a thrill, and you can choose your favorite one. Each game mode has its strategic techniques and the players have to adopt these tactics to win the game.

  • Disc Mode
  • Carrom Mode
  • Freestyle Mode

Step-By-Step Guide to Play Carrom Pool on the Android Smartphones

The full-paced gameplay of the Carrom Pool is simple and easy for the players if they know about variants, slots, and rules. This straightforward guide is for every person as the beginner may also take it for winning the in-game strategies.

  • Open the Carrom Pool on your Android Smartphone after installing it.
  • Set the board and get the knowledge about rules, pieces, and variants.
  • Choose any of the many modes that are displayed on the screen.
  • Decide the variant and start playing the game.
  • Make sure you have covered the queen and strike the circle breaks.
  • Hit the strike, win the game, and the rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Carrom Pool Gameplay

The Queen has 5 score points, by putting any of your Carrom Man in the same pocket, you can take the Queen points.

There is no exact number defined, however, if you haven’t put any strike in the proper position it will be a foul.

If your arm position is not lying in the proper position then it will be a foul.

There are two foul lines along the diagonals drawn on the phone screen.

Summing it up!

We have created a comprehensive explanation of how to play Carrom Pool to address your inquiry. Regardless of your level of experience, the guide will still be beneficial to you. However, it is important to note that you know all the slots including rules, modes, variants, and others. For the first-time players, covering the queen and breaking the circles would be difficult. But, practicing the strategic strikes will help you win the game within no time.