Café Panic MOD APK v1.48.0a (Unlimited Currency/ Free Outfits)

MOD FeatureFree Shopping
DeveloperBoomware Studio
RequiresAndroid 5.1 and up
Root neededNo Need
Offers In-App PurchaseNo

Do you wish to take part in some kid-friendly games? If you are a food aficionado who aspires to create your own café, restaurant, or bistro you will surely come to Café Panic Mod APK. I will help you in achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

You will come to know here how to make your dream true if you don’t know where to begin or how to go about doing it. It is a brand new game that you may attempt in various professions and industries, including café management, and customer service. It may also include developing recipes for sweet treats, savory foods, and a variety of cool, refreshing drinks.

Your major objective is to launch your own business and grow it in any manner possible in order to establish yourself as the most renowned chef You must invest a lot of time in the task in order to succeed. Visit other countries because the sector is not confined to a single institution. Restock your recipe library and start your own. Hire personnel and open fresh eateries, giving each a complete makeover. Another amazing game, Food Street Restaurant Mod APK, is waiting for you.

 Key Features of Café Panic MOD APK

The significant features of Café Panic: Cooking Restaurant APK Mod that make this game incredible among all simulation games are discussed below;

Set up and manage your Coffee Shop

Café Panic: Cooking game Mod APK is a game where players design and establish their own coffee business. You can demonstrate your expertise by attending this game. Create your own restaurant by creating a comprehensive and varied menu as well as additional food and beverage services. Next, design it to be affordable and appealing to consumers.

The decoration and design of restaurants are the most stunning and vibrant. Additionally, you’ll develop and implement effective business plans to expand your restaurant’s clientele daily, boost revenues, and establish yourself as the queen of the riches. Would you like to tackle this project and be successful?  If yes, come to play this game without any delay.

Coffee Shop

Make every Visitor Content

Café panic cooking restaurant game Mod APK download gives you the opportunity to run a fledgling coffee business. The first guest then approaches you and requests that you prepare him a cup of coffee. To achieve this, proceed to the coffee maker, press the button, and then wait a bit. After that, take the finished coffee to the customer. You will be given some coins in exchange. This idea is the main emphasis of the entire game.

We took an order, sprinted to the device, hurried back to the client, and grabbed the payment. The gaming day will come to an end if you place several orders. You will get goodies once you finish. The amount is determined by how successfully you completed each task. Have fun with the intriguing features of School Days Mod APK.

Cooking Games MOD APK

Develop a unique Cooking Technique and Excellence

You can use the game Café Panic APK Mod to showcase your innate aptitude and enthusiasm for food. To make your food more appealing to customers, you’ll develop your own recipes, create new ones, and cook them yourself. The profitability and uniqueness of your own restaurant or store are increased by great recipes that never cross over with those of any other eatery or chef.

Perform seasonal activities that have a variety of levels, customers, and recipes. You will receive projects that will test your aptitude for business management each month. How, for instance, will you expand sales in accordance with the original quantity needed? To ensure store upkeep, your orders must be increased. You will increase the size after each assignment is finished and the bonus.

Cafe Panic Cooking Game PRO

Connect your famous kitchen with the other countries

There is an ability for you to connect with the well-known chefs overall the world from various nations like France and Australia, in addition to creating recipes, managing sales, and growing the size of the store. Singapore has the chance to practice cooking, serving, and pleasing customers in order to make them feel at ease.

Additionally, Cafe Panic Mod APK free download will show you to a variety of locations throughout the globe; you will get additional experiences, discuss recipes and maintenance advice for the restaurant, help you become a great manager, and become an owner. You will get the chance to see firsthand how the excellent staff and chefs work at different levels and locations. The gameplay of this game is just similar to other Café games like Cafeland World Kitchen Mod APK.

cooking games apk mod

Increase your Number of Cafes

Your protagonist in Cafe Panic: Cooking Game doesn’t know how to do practically anything and doesn’t have the resources to do it at the beginning of the game. One can brew coffee only. The number of kitchen appliances will grow with time, enabling you to prepare more recipes. So you can cook Buffalo wings or deep-fried chicken.

It’s essential to monitor the equipment and perform timely repairs. Tap on the fryer to fix it when it malfunctions occasionally. You should also be concerned about an Internet router malfunctioning. The leading character of the game picks up a lot of cooking skills along the way, turning your coffee shop into a full-fledged cafe.

Boost your Character in Cafe Panic MOD APK

It is surprising to know that the creators of Café Panic cooking restaurant game Mod APK free download even incorporated a role-playing game feature into their creation. Your character needs four components to upgrade. It is more precisely the speed, culinary level, charisma, and tip level. Moving quickly is made possible by speed, cooking quickens the process, and charm and gratuities can boost the amount of extra money you receive from appreciative clients.

You must spend both diamonds, a special cryptocurrency, and in-game money on each upgrade. By dressing your heroine in various outfits, aprons, and hats, you may personalize her. You’ll need to provide financial support for all of this. Moreover, explore an amazing simulation game, Fishing Clash MOD APK.

cafe panic restaurant mod apk game

Sound and Graphics

It is a 3D colorful game that has more than 600 levels. You can relish the flavour of several countries and their native food because the player can later purchase restaurants in various nations.

How to download the Café Panic MOD APK?

  • If you want to gain the most recent version of the app visit the download page and click on the download button.
  • Now install the APK file of the game from the file manager.
  • You will find an icon “Allow from this source” in the settings of your device if you are going to install the APK file for the first time.
  • Pursue the instructions on the screen to finish the installation procedure.

Minimum Requirements to Play Cafe Panic on PC

If you want to play Cafe Panic mod apk game on your PC, you need to check out whether there are minimum requirements or not. The operating system should have Windows 2010 with a storage capacity of 10 GB on your PC. The four physical cores will make the gameplay more stunning on your PC. However, keep in mind that some game require an Intel CPU with a memory of 8GB RAM. Checking all the requirements will set you at the best of the gameplay and you will be able to enjoy the game more amazingly.


So you are having another game with a food theme that is Café Panic: Cooking Game Mod APK however it differs from most of the rivals in some ways. The key component is the presence of a pumping mechanism for the lead character, which has a big impact on the gameplay. The fascinating features of the game will make your play more enjoyable. You may also get the game by Google Play Store and can check the recent ratings of the game.

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