Criminal Case: Mysteries MOD APK v2.41 (Unlimited Money)

DeveloperPretty Simple
Size77 MB
Downloads5M +
RequiresAndroid 5.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
Unlimited Stars
Updated2 days ago

Do you like Detective Conan or Sherlock Holmes? Do you want to take challenges, analyze clues that could be important evidence on the scene, and locate the murderer to become a great detective? Since everyone involves in the sensation of solving difficult issues or uncovering secrets concealed behind a screen so the corresponding answer will be “no”. However, not everyone can succeed as a detective, and there is no determinism for a line of work that calls on a variety of skills, including intelligence, cleverness, and learning. As a result, the investigative game Criminal Case: Mysteries Mod APK, which contains advertisements, was just launched.

Gameplay of Criminal Case: Mysteries MOD APK

The Criminal Case Mod APK is a free game in the adventure and puzzle genre created by the French design company Pretty Simple. It is built for Android smartphones and tablets and is a part of the well-known and excellent criminal case series. By playing this game you may welcome your family members who enjoy playing games in the criminal, adventurous, intriguing, and enigmatic genres to play yet another intriguing and unique title from this series. Just like this game you may also engage your friends and family in other adventure games like Badland Mod APK.

If not all that well-known, this game is not brand-new. But opposed to other game genres that use a template, this one has remained original and new from its inception to the present. The fascinating cases that always inspire players’ interest and desire to learn the truth keep the game’s attractiveness strong even though it is not quite as well-known to them.

Storyline of Criminal Case MOD APK

The game Criminal Case APK Mod was created and published similarly to other titles in this series. The execution of Ms Stanberry serves as the central plot point for this game’s main narrative and it is up to you, the detective, to set off on your latest journey to identify the murderer and unearth the past’s mysteries. To learn the truth, go back to the nineteenth century and investigate the numerous crime scenes. When you summon and question suspects as a renowned detective, you can learn more about them and get closer to your objective.

A fully mysterious game called Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Free download was created for adventure in the shape of steps backwards. Remember that each of these puzzles and stages may have some connection to the subsequent murder scenes. Therefore, it is best to take care when attempting to solve the game’s challenges. You may also explore Criminal Case: Pacific Bay Mod APK.

Take up Detective Work

Visit Criminal Case: Mysteries of the past, where you’ll take on the role of a top investigator in late 19th Europe. After that, you and your companion join forces to commit incredibly difficult murders. You must visit the location and search through a collection of objects for any questionable ones (and no doubt have the guidance of the system). After that, you will use the evidence recovered from the crime site to identify the suspects and eventually come to terms with the brutal killers’ identities.

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the past MOD APK for android

You will receive a greater score if you retrieve suspicious things faster. And in addition to your bonus, you will also receive a star after finishing a case assignment chapter. You can unlock the new position by finishing the circumstance and earning enough stars. Ensure you are a brilliant detective and highly keen to be able to rapidly solve the many intriguing and strange cases that are waiting for you! Amaze yourself with the mesmerizing gameplay of Genshin Impact Mod APK.

Sound and Graphics

The historical simulation game from the eighteenth century in Europe features live-action and realistic graphics. It is simpler for gamers to grasp the situation more completely when language and graphics are combined. It is extremely appropriate for the time in the game to have numerous characters of various shapes.

Moreover, dark brown as the main color brings the vintage direction. The only notable aspect of the sound is the “ding” sound that occurs whenever new evidence, a victim or suspect is located, etc. Overall though, the game’s graphics and audio are sufficient to provide you with a fun and engaging experience.

Clever like Sherlock Holmes

Criminal Case: Mysteries of the past Mod APK unlimited money provides you to explore a detective-filled universe. Each investigation is a narrative, and the game provides you with a demanding freshness from which you can identify the culprit. Features like proof search or analysis are included. Or not. Wherever there are witnesses or culprits, you can find evidence of a crime.

Speak with them to identify any gaps in the case or get their advice on where to search for proof. And after gathering sufficient proof, you’ll be able to expose the murderer and bring the victim back to justice. How did this fantastic event make you feel? You may also experience the mod of Grand Hotel Mania Mod APK.

criminal case: mysteries of the past mod apk unlimited energy

Final Thoughts

For those who enjoy detective fiction, Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past Mod APK is a distinctive and captivating game. To test your intelligence, your capacity for situational analysis, and your capacity to develop into a superb investigator, this is the perfect option for you.

After playing this game, you will get outstanding detective skills that you can use to make your life tedious in real life. I’m not sure what makes it more intriguing. Although, you may also find the game easily at the Google Play store. But if you want free Mod features you just need to click the download button and enjoy the game.

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