Facebook MOD APK v460. (Patched/ Pro/ Dark Mode)

Facebook is the most popular app among social media platforms for all operating system devices. Everyone knows about Facebook Mod APK in this era of digital marketing, from kids to people of old age. Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in 2004. He started by opening the program and posting their photos. Most people joined the program in the years that followed. The development team continually developed new features in response to user demand.

DeveloperMeta Platforms, Inc.
MOD FeaturesPatched
GB Features
Downloads5B +
RequiresAndroid 11.0 and up
Updated2 days ago

Facebook Mod APK is the modified version of the original app. Today, everyone is digitized and utilizes the internet every two seconds. There are 5 billion active users nowadays on Facebook, that’s why Facebook is now the largest social network globally.

The best feature of Fb Mod APK is that the security of your connection and privacy is updated regularly by the developer team. Privacy is considered to be the most useful factor for any user. Another popularity factor for this app is that it ensures privacy. Users must register an account with the program before using it. You can immediately use the app following successful registration. To use Facebook APK Mod on your phone, finish filling out your profile. If you filled out your profile information, it is not yet ready to be viewed by everyone.

How do Facebook MOD APK works?

Users can share anything they want using the Facebook Mod APK download. They may also share their pictures through the photo-sharing feature, add a new picture, and may write any caption to them. While sharing their images with others, users can also modify them. Users can be invited to an event created on Facebook APK download by receiving notifications or texts from within the program.

Learn how facebook works
Working of Facebook

You may use the messaging tool to converse privately or in groups, although texting is not supported owing to security concerns. Users may browse their news feed, which displays all updates from buddies and posts from company sites, after signing in to Facebook App APK. They can also turn them off by touching and pressing on to any alerts for a short period and then swiping on.

Significant Features of Facebook MOD APK

  • Use social media profiles to communicate with loved ones and make new connections.
  • Use Facebook emoticons and status updates to share what’s happening in your life.
  • Share your favorite memories, images, and videos.
  • Receive alerts when friends react and like your posts.
  • Find community events and schedule a time to meet up with pals.
  • With either of your Social pals, play games.
  • Publish backup images in albums.
  • Follow your favorite businesses, websites, and musicians to receive updates.
  • Look up nearby establishments to discover testimonials, business times, and images.
  • On Facebook Marketplace, local transactions can be made.
  • Stream video videos while traveling.

You can also explore Instagram Lite Mod APK for social networking.

Post your Life’s Events and Check others

The users of Facebook download APK can share thein in life events or anything that amuse them if it is not against Facebook rules. Post your status updates with others to let them know how you’re doing. Upload your pictures, videos, and other stuff to Facebook to make priceless memories.

Thanks to the alternatives for albums, you won’t ever lose your priceless memories; make sure to back them all up within the album. Any material can be uploaded and shared for any of your selected targets. Simultaneously, you may peek into other people’s walls to see what they’ve been up to and communicate with them.

Facebook MOD APK Free Download
Share your life’s events

Make and like Pages

Facebook Mods is the greatest place to start if the user has already started their company plan. Of course, Facebook aids in the operation of your home-based business. I need to use this program to launch my business. Using the new premium brand, create your page. After adding the additional page information, select your page’s design.

There are up to 10 or more templates available in multiple enterprises. Select the template like sales, for instance, if you sell garments and gowns. So pick the appropriate template and give the products a rating. Never set up a store in a neighborhood, market, or anywhere. Make a page to launch your own company. Spend some more money to advertise your company and reach a large audience.

Yes, the program provides users with an enhanced content ability. Start boosting the post to increase its visibility on particular days. Today, most musicians, actors, and other renowned celebrities use Facebook Mod APK. For those folks, using a private account is uncomfortable and challenging. The programming team primarily creates themes for superstars for this reason. Pick the musician design if you are a famous musician.

Additionally, the application team can quickly provide you with a validated tick. Fans will then find it simpler to recognize your page. Every page manager can also set up forthcoming special events, live broadcasts, event dates, and more. Share the official premieres of songs, videos, and other things available on pages. You can also download lite version of Facebook Mod APK.

Receive Notifications

Additionally, Smartphone Facebook users will notice that they start receiving notifications for various events that are taking place online as soon as they join the social media platform. You can also receive notifications from users who leave comments on your posts or like them, from their responses to your material, or from sites and groups you join. Facebook Pro will also give you full reports on any actions related to your account. As a result, most users can experience perfect present ness when utilizing online social networks.

Receive notifications
Receive Notifications of Activities

View Diverse Material

Many accounts on the platform regularly upload amusing information. To keep yourself amused on the app, you can like these groups and view their videos and posts. Facebook Mod + APK also provides its live videos, which offer Android users a wide variety of intriguing events that they can watch to make the online material more exciting and engaging. Due to the great mobile app’s streaming video from other users and pages, you will appreciate it.

Play the Games you want

Online gaming streaming content is a favorite pastime for kids. Most game video broadcasters use the YouTube platform to gain additional subscribers. YouTube is not a platform that everyone enjoys. In light of this, Facebook Mod APK free download adds a gaming section for its gamers. Each user can start live streaming game footage from this section. The user must launch the page with a gaming design before launching the live video. Telegram X Mod APK is also an amazing social app that you should give a chance to it.

Afterward, begin broadcasting the events on Facebook. There is no time constraint on live videos; thus, every streamer can broadcast their gaming content indefinitely. The live video will begin to record and store on the massive storage of the program as soon as the user opens it. Users can access the higher-quality clip at any time. Set the targeted thumbnail to draw in new customers.

Play games
Play Games

Start up your Local Business

Additionally, Facebook download APK for Android now has its user-friendly local business settings, which let you promote your shop online, making it a better destination for sellers and shoppers. Put on whatever goods you wish to offer, and then connect the customers to closing the agreements. Additionally, purchasers can now search for accurate information about dealers and read accurate user evaluations. Consequently, Facebook Marketplace serves as a useful exchange medium for commodities.

Security and Protection

As soon as the site had a large user base, it came under attack from several hackers. Every hacker makes an effort every day to compromise the program database system. Some virus importers attempt to temporarily inject the virus to halt the application execution. Not to worry. Mark Zuckerberg, the proprietor of Facebook Mod APK, offers six layers of security protection. Commonplace white hat hackers regularly protect the server. Enhance server security as well as the newest technology. The Facebook team invests significant money in safeguarding servers against hackers. So it is not simpler to obtain everyone’s account and information.

Internal Messenger

This program stands out since you won’t be prompted to download an additional Facebook messenger to read your inbox conversations. You can send and receive messages using the messenger integrated into this program. You can also use Messenger Mod APK for communication.

Engage with your friends

Facebook app has made it possible for long-distance friendships to develop. By utilizing this program, checking their frequent posts, and delivering them messages. You may stay in touch with and informed about your loved ones regardless of how busier you are or how distant away they are from you.

Facebook PRO MOD APK
Engage with Friends

Installer Manual to get Facebook MOD APK for Android

  • You must uninstall the original version of the app from your device before installing the Facebook Mod with premium features.
  • Tap the download link that is listed above in the first paragraph.
  • This link will take you to a button leading to the downloading page.
  • After clicking, a download page will appear where a link to a Facebook mod might be found.
  • Tap that, and your APK will be on your smartphone shortly (depending on your internet speed).
  • Go to your phone’s settings and allow this program to be installed from unknown sources.
  • Open your file manager now and install the FB Mod file.
  • When you discover that and click it, a prompt to install it will appear.
  • Click that, and BAM! Your phone receives your app.
  • Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Its function has changed from serving as a network for individuals to exchange confidential details. It has become a platform for individuals to link, discuss, and suggest all kinds of data, including news.

People can post comments and images on Facebook and view local news feeds live record videos, schedule events, chat with friends, get suggestions, and purchase or sell goods. Facebook typically has a larger viewership than most social media platforms.


On all networks, Facebook Mod APK’s social media platform is enormous. Join the global community and add individuals as friends. The application has many intriguing features. Create an individual account right away and activate it. Create your page and share every detail of your life to reach a new audience. All employees and developers deserve praise for maintaining the big database. You can watch the clips with adverts from the original version. To see all videos without advertising, use our Mod version. From the links provided below the post, install the most recent Mod version and enjoy it.

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