KineMaster Video Editor- All You Need to know- Guide 2024

KineMaster is video editing software that allows users to import and edit projects. Cutting, splicing, and cropping are among the features of adding text, special effects, photos, and stickers. Music, sound effects, voice changers, and voiceovers can all be added by users. You can use filters and boosters to change the colors. Animation tools and adding motion to separate layers can control movement and speed.

Is KineMaster Video Editor Free to Use?

          It’s one of the top free and subscription-based video editing apps for iOS and Android. The user interface for both iOS and Android is very similar.

Subscription vs. Free

KineMaster is a free app, but your videos will have a watermark when downloaded. A hack for Android users eliminates the watermark on a per-use basis for specific audio files. iPhone users will not be able to use this hack. When you sign up for a one-year subscription, you get a 7-day free trial.

KineMaster- A Safe App

KineMaster is the best video editing tool available on both iOS and Android free. It is one of the best applications for those who don’t know much about video editing. It is very safe and is specially created for those creators who love to make their projects more and more attractive. Moreover, it is elementary to use this app with many features. You may also have the Mod version of Magisto Pro APK.

Features of KineMaster 

           KineMaster has many aspects, but a few are here:

  • Animations and Transitions
  • Audio Capture
  • Audio Library
  • Color Grading
  • Import/Export of Content Library Data
  • Import Media Library from a Drag-and-Drop Image Library
  • Tracking of Movement
kinemaster mac
  • Multimedia Support
  • Integration of social media
  • Supports HD Resolution
  • Text Revision
  • Editing of Videos
  • No watermark

How to Begin Using KineMaster

Unlike other programs with noticeable variations between operating systems, the app UI looks practically identical on iOS and Android. Let’s have a peek at KineMaster’s user interface.

Landing Page

When you first launch the KineMaster App, you’ll find a landing page with buttons to start a new project, a quick start button, a help button, another to view the KineMaster YouTube channel, and a settings tab.

The Main Preferences Tab

           You will find a gear icon under the tab settings on the main landing. To set up some behind-the-scenes settings for your app, click this button. You may manage your subscription status and a few more choices from here. Some settings differ between the iOS and Android versions, but the grounds for editing, sorting, and file locations are all the same.

Starting a New Project with KineMaster

You can opt to continue editing an existing project or start a new one from the landing screen. When you start a new one, the app will ask you whether you want to make a horizontal, vertical, or square video. You will not be able to change your mind later. Also, double-check that the clips you wish to utilize are in that format; otherwise, you will have to zoom and edit to meet the size ratio. Enhance your video editing experience with Videoshop Mod APK.

The Interface for Edit

           The editing interface looks like other video editors, but we will have a sharp look at the control powers.

Control Bar

The control bar is present on the left side of the interface. A capture button is present that helps to add images to your project by using the device camera. The controls for undo and redo are also available. A lot of adjustments are available for audio and video. 

The Video Window

Like other software, the video window is present in the center of the interface. The video window moves to the left of the screen after clicking on the timeline toggle in the control bar.

Media Circle

The media circle is in the upper right corner of the screen. You can add music, audio, effects, and layers from the media bar. The red circle inside the media circle represents the capture button. This app also allows you to capture videos on your phone. From the microphone, you can also record audio.

Advanced Options

The advanced editing tools appear in the place of a media circle when you select audio or a video clip. The number of editing tools is quite remarkable for a mobile app.


Usually, the timeline is at the bottom of the screen, but when you click the timeline button on the control button pushes the timeline into a larger area to the right. It also moves the video window to the left. You can arrange layers with effects, titles, audios, and b-roll clips on the timeline. The first and topmost layer is the primary clip layer. The pins in this layer have no gaps, as they are always adjacent. You can adjust the layers below by moving the clips around as the new clips come into the scene.

Assets Marketplace

You will find a lot of effects, transitions, and title slides on the asset marketplace. These are all available when you have a subscription, but they will cost per effect if you use them for free.

Green KineMaster Mod APK is also an amazing video editing app to have fun with it.

Export & Share your work

Once you have finished making a video, it is time to export it. After shipping it, you can share it on YouTube and other social media platforms. If the video is long, it may take some time to export.

Chrome OS Hotkeys

One of its best features is that it has Chrome OS Hotkey support available. You can learn about all these Hotkeys by checking the documentation on the kineMaster website. 

Last Thoughts

           In my opinion, kineMaster is one of the most user-friendly and intuitive apps. The learning curve is not too steep, and getting results is very simple. KineMaster is one of those tools that will help you create content better and faster.

           However, there is also room for improvement. The inability to change the aspect is one of the limiting factors. Furthermore, exporting long and huge videos take a long time. Some of us have a variety of gadgets and utilize them all, depending on the circumstances.

           Overall, the kineMaster Diamond Mod APK is competent. It is not expensive if you constantly create your content with it, especially if you are doing it on your mobile device. You can get kineMaster on Google Playstore. You can discover a comprehensive and informative user guide on the kineMaster website to help you understand every aspect of the app.

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