Black Magic Academy by Emily Martha Sorensen Book 1

GenreFiction & literature
AuthorEmily Martha Sorensen

If you are in love with fiction and literature, the black magic academy by Emily Martha Sorensen is a book for you. It contains only 150 pages, easy to read, and is full of suspense. This book has made curious for those who take interest in magic but the main character Mildred is surely not interested in magic.

The Central Idea of the Black Magic Academy

The story rounds around a girl whose name is Mildred who doesn’t like magic. Her relatives, however, believe that she must follow in her mother’s footsteps to succeed as valedictorian as well because she used to be the top student at Black Magic Academy.

Mildred rejects the idea of hanging out with the famous set. She also has no regard for her “death enemy.” She is also uninterested in casting spells that will kill people. However, if the teachers believe that she’s really a decent witch, they don’t take that sort of disgrace well. If you are a fiction lover, you aill definitely like Target One (The Spy Game- Book #1), another amazing ebook.

Final Words

You can only get enjoyment by reading the book and lost in the world of imagination. For getting the book downloaded right now, just click on the download button and start reading this amazing book.